Welcome to Braemar! We are pleased to host your swim team and look forward to having a great meet! 

Visitor information and swim meet layout



Nicole Ratner


[email protected]

PWSL League Rep

Bill Golembiewski


[email protected]

Meet Manager

Jen Armstrong


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Computer Rep

Tracy Terwilliger


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Officials Contact

Kris Sallade


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Head Coach

Chris Adams


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General Information

Facility: Iona Sound Pool

12300 Iona Sound Dr, Bristow, VA 20136

Six-lane, 25-meter pool

Backstroke flags are regulation 5 meters

Parking: The pool parking lot will be utilized for tents. No parking will be allowed in the parking lot except for the two handicapped spots. Street parking is authorized and there is a small parking lot at Braemar KinderCare (12121 Caithness Cir, Bristow, VA 20136). 


Special Needs: Please let us know if any of your swimmers or guests have any special needs we should be aware of so we can accommodate them. 

Tent Set Up: Blasters and the visiting team will have a designated portion of the pool parking lot (please see tent layout below) to set up tents. All other places highlighted on the tent layout are available for both teams. Visitor set up is not allowed until the morning of the swim meet. 

Coaches' Tents: A space is provided for the visiting team’s coaches and is located on the side of the pool closest to the entrance to the grassy area. You will be required to bring your own 10’x10’ tent. Please let us know if you need us to provide one and we will do so if possible. 

Spectators: Spectators will be restricted to one side of the pool (please see pool layout below). No additional tents are chairs are authorized in this area. Due to the close proximity of houses to the pool, no artificial noise makers can be brought or used on pool grounds except those approved for meet use (public address system, starting equipment). Artificial noise makers include, but are not limited to: drums, air horns, musical instruments, etc.

Concessions: Concessions (Breakfast and Lunch) will be sold on the patio next to the Clubhouse starting at 6:00 am. At 9:15 am we will begin serving lunch items. You do not want to miss the cheese steaks and chicken caesar wraps! Outside in the parking area, Snowies will be offering Shaved Ice.  This is great on a hot summer day! We have concession punch cards ($10 for $12 of punches) available. See attachment for menu.

Volunteer Information

Shift Times:

Timers/Recorders, Runners, Scoring, Computers and Heat Ribbons two shifts:

  • Shift One: 7:00 am – 9:45 am

  • Shift Two: 9:45 – end

Ribbon Writers:

  • Shift One: 8:00 am – 11:00 am

  • Shift Two: 11:00 am – end

Clerk of Course:

  • Shift One: 6:30 am – 9:30 am

  • Shift Two: 9:30 am – end


Volunteer Requirements: 


  • Please bring a minimum of 3 Stroke & Turn officials, 1 Referee and 1 Starter

  • Please bring your starter equipment for use during the 8&U events to minimize delays when switching starting sides

Timers/ Recorders and Runners:

  • Each lane will have 3 Timers with one Timer acting as both Timer and Recorder. Visiting team is requested to provide: Head Timer, 1 Timer and 1 Timer/Recorder for lanes 1, 3, 5 and 1 timer for lanes 2, 4, 6.   There will be two shifts and each team will supply 10 volunteers per shift.

  • Timecard Runners: Visiting team is requested to provide 1 Runner for each shift.

Clerk of Course

  • Visiting team is requested to provide 10 Clerk of Course (COC) volunteers (or as many as possible) for first shift and 8 volunteers (or as many as possible) for second shift.  COC volunteers will be escorting each heat on deck to ensure safety and organization, since swimmers will be pre-seeded and will not have seed cards. 

  • Our Clerk of Course area will be set up in the covered Pavilion area to the rear of the pool. Swimmers and volunteers can access this area via the side gate located along Braemar Parkway (please see pool layout below).  When events are announced over the PA system and/or social media please have your swimmers proceed to the Clerk of Course.  We recommend parents escorting 10&Us. No parents are allowed in the Clerk of Course area. 

Computers, Heat Ribbons, Scorers, and Ribbon Writers:

  • Visiting team is requested to provide 1 Computer volunteer, 2 Scorers and 1Verifier, 2 Ribbon Writers, and 1 Heat Ribbon volunteer per shift.

  • Computers and Scoring will be setup inside the clubhouse. Ribbon writers will be set up on deck just outside the entrance to the clubhouse (Please see pool layout below). Indoor volunteers, who are unvaccinated, are strongly encouraged to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.






5:30 am

Blasters Warm-Up

6:00 am – 6:25 am 

Visitor’s Warm-Up

6:30 am – 6:50 am

Official’s Meeting (Mandatory)

6:30 am – 6:50 am

Timer’s Meeting (Mandatory)

6:40 am – 6:50 am 

National Anthem

6:55 am

Meet Begins

7:00 am

Visiting team’s relay lanes are 2, 4, and 6