It’s not easy to define what makes a team stand out from the rest. There are so many factors that go into what makes a team unique that finding that one thing that makes us special is probably impossible. We can say that we have team spirit and that we are like a family, but other teams say the same thing. We can point to the fun that we have each summer (and all the time in between), but other teams have fun, too. So what separates us from the pack?


We do have an unwavering team spirit that is known across the league and we do have more fun than any other team, regardless of how the meet is going. Our family quickly falls back into step with familiar faces each season and we immediately welcome new members with open arms. We know that there are other teams out there that you can choose to join, so when you choose to be a part of our team - our family - we genuinely appreciate it. 


We’re a team that doesn’t take anything for granted. We choose to see the pool as half full. We see challenges as opportunities. We’re innovative and flexible - like riding out the waves. We’re laid back but serious about our swimmers. We’re a small team with “big team” talent. We’ve competed in the lower divisions and we’ve competed at the highest levels, but we’ve never lost sight of who we are. We are a competitive team that appreciates the competition. 


We’re grateful for the opportunity to swim. We are the Bridlewaves.

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