We are completely dependent upon parent volunteers to make each season successful for our swimmers. Other than our coaching staff, we are all volunteers. A typical swim meet requires more than 60 support positions to run smoothly.  The reward for volunteer activities is that you get to meet and accomplish important tasks with other adults from the team. Additionally, your children become very aware of your involvement in THEIR team and the entire effort becomes a family enterprise. It’s a great way to meet others, most activities are fun and interesting, and most do not require training. Please help the team by signing up for meet operations and concessions positions early in the week preceding the meet.  REMEMBER that we all began without experience. We will teach you what you need to know to help. A long Saturday meet passes much quicker when you volunteer to help!!!!

Meet Volunteer Jobs:

Announcer: Required for Home meets,  the announcer calls swimmers to clerk of course.  An event timeline is provided and the announcer lets swimmers know when its time to line up and  where to report.  The announcer's job also entails making special announcements like concession's specials, finding a swimmer for a coach or parent or letting us all know the meet score.  

Clerk of Course:  Needed for both home and away meets.  The Clerk of Course helps get the swimmers lined up for their events, of course the younger ones need more help.  Clerk of Course calls out the swimmers names, passes out deck cards and arranges the swimmers into heats. This job can be done in shifts and is done with a parent from the other team.

Concessions:  Required for home meets.  Prepare food for swimmers and families & collect money. 

Event Coordinator: Works with the board to setup and run fun events (usually on Wednesday evenings) for the team membership and raise additional funds.

Head Timer:  A head timer carries a few extra watches in case a lane has a problem with a watch.  Head timer starts their watches when the starter horn sounds and looks out at the timers for a raised hand.  A timer that raises their hand has a watch failure.  The head timer will switch watches with the lane timer.

Heat Ribbon Runners: A heat ribbon is passed out to every heat winner.  Whoever touches the wall first gets a ribbon.  If its too close to call both swimmers get ribbons.  This job requires a person handing a ribbon to swimmer as they get out of the pool.  This job can be very rewarding by making a young swimmers meet.

Recorder:  The team needs to provide a number of recorders for both home and away meets.  The recorders sit on the deck (chairs provided) and write the swimmers times down on cards that will be scored. Cards are delivered by runners, timers call the times out after the swimmer completes their event  and a runner will pick up the cards after its filled out.  This job is done in shifts (2-3 per meet) so about 8-12 are required per team per meet.  ** very good job for a rookie

Ribbons: Another good rookie job.  Each team provides a ribbon person,  the job begins later in the meet and usually runs until a little after the swimming ends.   After events are run the computer people print out labels for the award ribbons. Ribbon people stick the labels on the correct ribbons, sort then by team and age. Each age group is alphabetized and  passed to the coaches.

Scoring and Verifying:  Work as a team with other teams parents.   A runner brings the cards from each event up to the scoring table. Each card will have 3 times written on it the scorer determines the final time based on the rules set by PWSL. In addition scoring will work with the meet officials to collect and validate Disqualifications or DQs.  When completing an event the scorers send the events cards to the computer people to enter in the computer.  Verifying ensures the computer people did not make any mistakes checking cards against the computer results.  Verifiers determine when the event results are official and have them posted for the swimmers to see.  Positions require an attention to detail but are easy to learn after a few minutes of training.

Results Runner:  This job entails picking up cards from the recorders after each heat.  After all the event heats are run the event cards are brought to the scoring table.  The runner may work with the official to collect DQ slips before bringing the cards to scoring. A runner may be used to bring cards from the 25Y events & relays to the recorders.

Stroke and Turn Judge: Training is required for this position.  Judges are needed to ensure swimmers perform the event correctly.  If the swimmer does not comply with the stroke rules they will write a DQ slip.  PWSL will hold training sessions early on in the season.  Typically this isnt a job for new parents unless they have had a swimming background.  Experienced Stroke and Turn Judges may move in to other roles such as Starter or Head Official.

Timer: Lots of timers are required to run a meet, each team needs about  (9-12 per shift).  About every 90 minutes a timer shift change will occur.   Timers stand on the deck and run a stop watch.  After each heat the timers provide the times to the recorders, reset their watch and wait for the next heat to start their watch again.  That's all there is to it,  you are now a trained timer. ** Another good rookie job.

Volunteer Coordinator: Helps match parent skills with volunteer positions; encouraging member parents sign up for postitions and takes attendance to make sure our team is well represented in filling positions at swim meets, home and away.

There are many other  team volunteer jobs,  the board is picked every year at the team picnic. Board positions descriptions will be posted later on the website.   There is one important rule about volunteering that every parent should remember: