Special Events & Awards Banquets: The team usually picks a few Wednesdays during the season to plan special events.  The team traditionally has a movie night, Miniature Golf outing and a maybe a fund raiser dinner at a local restaurant.   All events are optional, but lots of fun. 

The Awards Banquet is always special.  The team buys hot dogs and burgers.  Families are asked to bring a side dish or a dessert & a 6 pack of soda. We always have too much food.  Coaches hand out all the awards from the divisional meet.  Several seasonal awards are given as well.   Its a great photo opportunity.    After all awards are given Splashdown Waterpark opens up for the team to relax.  Parents and kids get a chance to play on the water slides or cruise the lazy river.   

This site will be updated regularly with up new information, but always ask if you have questions!