·    Practice starts on the Tuesday after Memorial day, and is held every Mon., Tues, and Thurs. evening from 7:00 - 9:00 pm until school is out.  Practice shifts to 7:15-9:15 pm after school is out.   

·    Morning practices begin after school is out M-F at 7:30 am in the competition pool only.  

·    The first hour of practice is for swimmers who are 10 and under.  The second hour of practice is for those who are 11 and up.

·    Parents should remain outside of the roped pool area during all practices.   If your child needs assistance,  they should tell their coach and come to you.

·    Each young child needs a responsible adult with them at practice and a way home after practice…we are not a babysitting service.

·    Practices are canceled for weather AT THE POOL.  The weather can change rapidly and sometimes we are able to enter the pool ½ hour after the last thunder or lightening.

·    Practice groups (1-5) are established based on the swimmer’s age and abilities.

·    If you need to speak to your child’s coach,  please catch them before or after practice.  They need to be attentive while the swimmers are in the water.



·         Time Trials are the first meet of the season (2nd Saturday) at Splashdown. Gates open at 6:15 am.   Swimmers should be at the pool in time for warm-ups.     The meet begins at 7am and lasts several hours.

·         All swimmers are entered in each event that they can attempt at Time Trials.  

·         Volunteers are needed for meet setup on Friday nights before home meets (including time trials).   Please come to the pool to help.

·         There are 6 regular season meets after time trials and one Divisional match up at the end of the season.  Three meets are at Splashdown and three are away meets.   Dates and directions are on the Events pages of the website.

·         Each meet has five individual events (Free, IM, Back, Breast and Fly) and 2 relays (Medley and Free) for each age group.    Swimmers can be entered in 3 individual events and 2 relays.

·         Meet entries will be posted at practice on Thursday evening and online.

·         Be on time to the meets for warm-ups.   The relay swimmers must be ready to swim at the beginning of the meet and if you are late, your swimmer may be replaced in a relay.

·         Notify your coach if you are going to miss a meet or leave a meet early.

·         The team goes to Big Joe’s (across from Staples) after each regular meet for lunch and conversation.   Please join us!       



·         We have a weekly team meeting at Tuesday night practices to recognize the swimmers accomplishments and make announcements

·         Duck Tales newsletters will be posted online and emailed weekly to keep you up to date!

·         Check the website regularly for important new information and meet entries & results.

·         Mailboxes will be in the upper pavilion next week for distribution of information and ribbons by family.  Check them regularly, please.

·         Team Suits are available online (see website) or at practice in the first two weeks.

·         Stroke clinics are scheduled after morning practice for swimmers that need more instruction on certain strokes.   More information will be made available later.  



·         All families are expected to volunteer in some capacity for the team.

·         We need 50 (away) – 80 (home)  parent volunteers at each meet to make the event run smoothly.

·         The volunteer positions are described on the following page.   All parents on hand are encouraged to work with the experienced volunteers to become familiar with a job at time trials….most positions are pretty simple!   



Exp Req’d




Timers stand on the deck and run a stop watch.  After each heat the timers provide the times to the recorders, reset their watch and wait for the next heat to start their watch again.



Recorders sit on deck and record the times on a card after each heat.  

Results Runner


Collects heat cards from the timers and takes to scoring table.  Also collects cards from 8 & under end of pool and take to recorders.

Heat Ribbons


Watches each heat and gives a heat ribbon to the winner

Clerk of Course

9 and up

Works with other volunteers for training

Helps get the swimmers lined up for their events. Clerk of Course calls out the swimmers names, passes out deck cards and arranges the swimmers into heats.

Clerk of Course

8 & Under

Works with other volunteers for training

Helps get the youngest swimmers lined up for their events.  Clerk of Course calls out the swimmers names, passes out deck cards and arranges the swimmers into heats.    They also help the kids get in the correct lanes for their events.


Works with other volunteers for training

Determines the final time on each heat card based on the rules set by PWSL.  Scoring will works with the meet officials to collect and validate Disqualifications or DQs.    Attention to detail required.



Verifying ensures the computer people did not make any mistakes checking cards against the computer results.  Verifiers determine when the event results are official and have them posted for the swimmers to see. Attention to detail required.


Works with other volunteers for training

The computer people print out labels for the award ribbons. Ribbon people stick the labels on the correct ribbons, sort them by team and age. Each age group is alphabetized and  passed to the coaches.  The job begins later in the meet and usually runs until a little after the swimming ends. 


Works with other volunteers for training

Performs data entry from the heat cards into the computer using software provided and prints results & ribbon labels

Stroke & Turn Judge

Must attend League Training

Judges are needed to ensure swimmers perform the event correctly.  If the swimmer does not comply with the stroke rules they will write a DQ slip.   



Prepare & sell food for swimmers and families.   Provide on-deck officials/timers with water  

There are also more advanced meet positions once you get your feet wet (HA HA!) and we need many volunteers to help set up for home meets on Friday evenings and to stick around and help break down the equipment after home meets end.     



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