Prince William Swim League (PWSL)

The Prince William Swim League (PWSL) was founded in 1974 to sponsor swimming in and among the communities in Prince William County.  All PWSL policies and procedures focus on providing a safe, fun, fair, and athletically challenging program for all swimmers while developing the principles of good sportsmanship, advanced swimming skills, and teamwork.

Teams are grouped in divisions based on factors such as team size (number of swimmers), team depth (distribution of swimmers across the age ranges), weighted  regular season win-loss  record, number of splashes  and the combined  ranking of swimmers’ times from each Divisional meet.  The alignment of teams is done with the intent of maximizing competitiveness within the league.

Meet Information & Scoring

Overview:  PWSL swim meets are comprised of 67 events: 19 relays and 48 individual events.  Swimmers compete in one of the following age groups: 8 & under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18, as determined by their age as of June 1.  Each swimmer may compete in three individual events and two relays.  Swimmers earn points for their teams by competing in relay events and by being one of the six fastest finishers on their team in individual events.

Scoring:  PWSL divisional meet scoring is identical to scoring for regular season meets.  The specific scoring scenario is based on the number of teams competing at the divisional meet.  A two-team divisional meet and regular season dual meets use dual meet scoring.  A three team divisional meet uses tri meet scoring, and a four team divisional meet uses quad meet scoring.  See Attachment 2 in the PWSL By-Laws, Dual Meet Scoring and Tri Meet scoring for specific scoring information.  The team with the most points wins the meet.


Divisional Meet Participation Criteria:

A swimmer  MUST participate in at least two dual meets and record one legal time in an event during the current swim season. Additionally, each swimmer is restricted to entering those events in which a legal time was recorded at a meet during the season.  All other meet rules apply.  See PWSL By-Laws, Section V. Divisional Championship Meets for additional details.

Divisional Meet Ribbons:  Regardless of the number of teams competing at a divisional meet, ribbons are awarded to the top twenty-four finishers based on time in each individual event and the top four relay teams in each relay event.  Ribbons are also awarded for the top twelve six year old (or younger), in Free and Back events, based on time.

Cyber Meet Ribbons:  After all divisional meets are completed, league-wide results will be combined and the overall top twenty- four swimmers in each individual event will be awarded special recognition ribbons.