Dominion Valley Sharks Give Back

One of the primary missions of the Dominion Valley Sharks is to build a stronger community. As part of that effort, we are committed to assisting others in need in our community. 

Again this Summer, the Dominion Valley Sharks are committed to raising $10,000 for the Haymarket Food Pantry through our Feed the Shark program! Our Sharks are split into four Houses (Bull Sharks, Hammerheads, Mako Sharks and Tiger Sharks). The four Houses will compete throughout the Summer in the MegaCup to see who will win the Feed The Shark race. Each house has a goal of raising $2,500. 

The first House to achieve their goal AND the House that raises the most funds will get an Ice Cream, Pizza and DJ Pool Party at the end of the summer!!
If you want to help your favorite Shark House win the Pool Party, please click on the links below. 100% of all donations made through these links go directly to the Haymarket Food Pantry. 
When we hit our goal, it will provide the Food Pantry with the funding it needs to feed all children in our community that are food insecure!!