How to Sign Up for Meets

How to Signup to Attend/Not Attend a Meet:

  1. Login into your DV Sharks account using the Sign In button at the top of the left navigation
  2. Click on Events
  3. Scroll to the Event to register
  4. Click on Attend/Decline
    • Here you will see your swimmer's name. Please note you must click on each swimmers name to register for the event.
  5. Click on the swimmers name (remember you need to register each swimmer attending)
  6. To the right of Declaration click on the pull down:
    • Yes - Please sign (swimmer name) up for this event, or
    • No - Will not attend this event
    • Note:  Include any notes to the coach
  7. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the screen (right)

REPEAT for all swimmers attending the event.

This is the same process you will do for all events:  swim meets and most activities. 

Meet Registration Deadlines:  Entries for each meet are due by the Tuesday (11:59 p.m.) prior to the meet - NO EXCEPTIONS can be allowed.