Welcome from the Kingsbrooke Sea Lions Swim Team 

Address: 9101 Braided Stream Drive, Bristow, VA, 20136 

Global Coordinates: Latitude 38:45:36.295N, Longitude 77:35:32.752W 


The Kingsbrooke Sea Lions Swim Team welcomes you to our facilities. We are happy to be hosting your swim team this week. We hope the following information will assist you and help the meet run smoothly. If you have additional questions, contact the swim board at [email protected] 


Meet Program 

Heat sheets will be posted on the Kingsbrooke Sea Lions Home (teamunify.com) on Friday under the Meet/Practice Info link. Printed heat sheets will only be distributed for meet operations (officials, clerk of course).  Please have senior photos for the meet program 


Meet Entries 

Please provide your team's meet entries by 8:00 P.M. on Wednesday, July 26th to via email: [email protected]. Reminder on PWSL rules for Divisional eligibility-Swimmer must have participated in at least 2 regular season PWSL meets and achieved a legal time in the entered stroke from the current season. No Time Trial times, NTs (no-time), Coaches' Times or Exhibition swims will be allowed. 


Meet Program Sheets 

We will have the meet program available on our website on Friday morning prior to the meet as well as made available to the visiting team via email through the computer representatives. We will print a limited number of Meet Sheets for Officials and Coaches. Please make sure you provide us with anything you need in the meet program, i.e., Senior Swimmer/Last Splash recognition NLT the Wednesday before the meet so we have adequate time to put the meet program together and include these items. All items to go in the Divisionals Program should be emailed to [email protected]. Items less than a page should be combined to one page. Only send items in Word/PDF/JPEG format. Items not correctly formatted or otherwise not "ready to go" will not be included. 



Warm-ups And Start time 




Kingsbrooke Sea Lions 




Victory Lakes 






7:00 AM 


Meet Start 


2:30 PM 


Approximate meet end 



All officials will meet at 6:30am to go over assignments. Please have a starter and referee available. This allows for a rotation of officials during the meet. 


Volunteer Shifts 

There will be three (3) shifts of timers, changing at two (2.5) hour intervals. The three (3) shifts are as follows:  

Shift 1 - 7:00 – 9:30am,  

Shift 2 - 9:30 – 12:00pm, and  

Shift 3 – 12:00pm - end.  Subject to change based on meet timeline. 


Volunteer Needs 


Stroke and Turn 


4 per team (rotations determined at the meet) 


Starter and Referee 


1 per Team (rotations determined at the meet)  

All teams should bring their starter system. 2 starters are actively used with 1 at each start end of the pool with the 3rd used as backup.  VL will bring the 2nd active unit and Ashland will bring the backup 


Head Timer 


1 per Team (2 on deck for all shifts with rotations determined at the meet) 




6 per Team per shift 




2 per Team per shift 

Kingsbrooke lanes 4, 1  

Victory Lakes lanes 2, 5 

Ashland lanes 3, 6 




2 per Team per shift (3 will be on 8&U/9-10 fly side to run cards to other side and 3 will be on other start side to support card collection and drop off to scoring bucket below clubhouse deck)  


Clerk of Course 


3 per Team per shift 


Heat Ribbons 


1 – Victory Lakes for shift 2 

1 – Ashland for shift 3 


Ribbon Labelers  


2 per Team per shift  


Marshal-helps direct traffic for 8&U events 


1 per Team per shift 


Scorer/Verifier (in clubhouse) 


2 per Team per shift 


Head Computer person (in clubhouse) 


Available in clubhouse 


One Marshall to help monitor your team area and call for events as needed 


Designated by each Team as needed 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us Thursday prior to the meet. Volunteers working any shift in the clubhouse, may pause to go out onto the clubhouse deck to observe their child(ren) swim. However, once their shift is over, we must ask that they vacate the clubhouse and not remain on the clubhouse deck to observe the rest of the meet. No children (swimmers and non- swimmers) may be in the clubhouse at any time – especially if they are wet. This is a blanket policy for their safety and for the integrity of the clubhouse. We thank you for your cooperation. 



Please bring your starting equipment, computer and printer (as a backup). Your head timer should also bring adequate stop watches to supply your team’s timers. Please note that Kingsbrooke does not supply tents for visiting coaches, team members, or guests. If you would like for your coaches to have a tent on deck, you will need to provide it for them.  Each Team should also provide their own camp chairs for the meet.  Our pool supply is unavailable for use. 



The backstroke flags at our pool are spaced at 5 yards. 


Coaches Areas 

Visiting team coaches set up by the pool near the clubhouse. Kingsbrooke coaches set up on the side near clerk of course.  There is plenty of room to set-up a tent and we recommend that you bring one for your coaches, as the area can get very sunny. We encourage you to bring camp chairs for your coaches, as our pool supply is unavailable.  


Deck Access 

With deck access being more crowded with 3 teams, we ask all spectators to respect and prioritize those with active swims to the front of the pool deck.  Once your swimmer has finished the event, please allow others with active swimmers in a heat to come to the front.   


Relay Lanes 

All teams are welcome to enter up to two relay teams per relay event. Relay lane assignments will remain the same throughout the meet.   

Kingsbrooke will use Lanes 3 and  6,  

Victory Lakes will use Lanes 4 and 1,  

Ashland will use Lanes 2 and 5  


Meet Set up 

See map below.  We will permit tent set up (coaches and team areas) on Friday night after the pool closes at 8 pm. 



Each team will have 10 parking spaces reserved in the parking lot by the clubhouse. Teams must provide a list of names for the reserved spaces.  Please see the Divisional Parking Map below for an overview of parking areas. 


Please use the drop-off area (circle) in front of the Kingsbrooke Clubhouse off Braided Stream Drive to unload swimmers and gear.  General parking is available on Braided Stream Dr and Bristow Run Elementary School within short walking distance of the pool. Street parking is available on surrounding neighborhood streets, please respect homeowners and do not park within 15 feet of the driveway or mailbox.  PLEASE do not block driveways or mailboxes and be respectful to our neighbors in early mornings with minimal noise. Obey all signs for No Parking. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN THE GRASS.  VIOLATORS MAY BE TOWED AT THE OWNER’S EXPENSE. 


If anyone on your team is in need of Handicap parking, please let us know as soon as possible. We will have 6 handicap spots designated (3 are permanent and 3 will be marked with cones).  Cars must have a handicap placard or tags displayed on their car to qualify. 


Directions to 9101 Braided Stream Drive 

From Route 95 – Take exit 152B toward Manassas onto Dumfries Road/Route 234 North. Take the Nokesville Road/Route 28 S ramp toward US-17. Turn right onto Linton Hall Road/Route 619 (continue for 3.1 miles). Turn left onto Worthington Drive at light (continue for 1/2 mile). Turn right onto Braided Stream Drive. Pool is on the right. 

From Route 66 – Take exit 43A toward Gainesville/Warrenton onto Lee Highway/Route 29 South. Turn left (at light) onto Linton Hall Road/Route 619 (continue for 2.8 miles). Turn right onto Worthington Drive at light (continue for 1/2 mile). Turn right onto Braided Stream Drive. Pool is on the right. 

General Housekeeping 

To limit distractions to swimmers and prevent interference with official duties, cell phone use is not permitted on the deck by Timers, Recorders and all Officials. 

There is to be no photography behind the start ends of the pool while used for starts in compliance to swimmer safety rules. This is distracting to the swimmers, meet volunteers and to the Starting Referees. From the far end of the pool, once the race has begun, you may take photos or videos, but not before the buzzer sounds. There is to be absolutely no photography in bathroom areas. 

Food Donations 

We are supporting House of Mercy food pantry in Manassas with food donations this year at Divisionals.  We appreciate any donations your teams can provide to support this worthwhile cause.