Swimming is a wonderful family sport.  The sport of swimming requires parents to be participants and NOT just spectators.  For a swimmer to participate on the team, parents are required to volunteer at least 10 hours in various volunteer positions.  The team's success is dependent on the commitment of its members!

It takes 75-100 volunteers to host a successful meet.  We understand that some families have extenuating circumstances that make volunteering difficult, such as spouse deployments or health concerns.  There is a job for everyone and there are many volunteer positions to fill outside of the meets.   We will help you find the best job for your situation.

If you have more than four volunteer hours to fulfill by Divisionals, your child will not be able to swim at Divisionals.  If you have four hours or less remaining, those hours must be completed at Divisionals if your child wants to swim. Our hope is that everyone will always be able to swim as you will have lots of opportunities all season to get those hours in!  :)

Most swim meet volunteer positions are divided into three shifts with each job lasting approximately one to two hours.  If you do not have a job by the pool, you are welcome and encouraged to leave your job for a few minutes to watch your children swim and then return to your position. It is expected that you will cover your shift for the entire period of time.  

When you arrive at a meet, please sign in at the volunteer check-in table.  Report to your assignment at least five minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin. Changes and adjustments made to volunteer assignments before and even during the meet are sometimes necessary.  Please be patient and supportive! 

For more information, please log into the TeamUnify web site, and go to 'Volunteer' and then 'How to Sign Up' and 'Job Descriptions.'

~Volunteer Coordinator