Volunteering at Swim Meets

It takes about 65 volunteers to run the swim meets. Without volunteers, the meets are not able to take place. If at least one parent volunteers, the meets will run smoothly, and everyone will have a great time.

For most positions, no experience is necessary and on-the- job training is provided.  Most positions are typically scheduled in two 2-hour shifts. Many of the jobs put you in a prime spot at the pool where only swimmers and coaches are allowed.

The Volunteer Coordinator handles sign-ups and coordination of the volunteers.

The Concessions Lead works with the Volunteer Coordinator to create and send a list of items needed for concessions during home events. This is a primary fundraiser for the team, so please sign up when you get this sign-up sheet!

Job Descriptions

Announcer - Announces swim events, heats, and swimmer names at home swim meets. Also makes general announcements and calls for swimmers to report to clerk of course. This position serves the entire meet and receives complimentary breakfast and lunch. Must be trained on how to use the PA System.

Card Runner - The Runner collects the timecards from the recorders and delivers them to the Scoring/Verifying table after each heat.

Concessions - Jobs include griller, cashier, assisting with packaging of food and distributing food to customers, replenishing supplies, etc. Volunteers supporting concessions may be asked to pick up items the morning of events or during lunch. These items will be pre-paid, or volunteers will be reimbursed for items purchased.

Volunteers serving during the first shift will need to arrive 30 min. prior to warm-ups in order to set up the area for breakfast.

Volunteers serving during the second shift will also be responsible for cleaning the grill, returning paper goods and non-perishable items to the shed, returning tables back to their original space, and cleaning the area of trash.

Clerk of Course - Assists the Head Clerk of Course in getting swimmers in line for their heats. Provides names of missing swimmers to the Announcer and may support new parents or parents of younger swimmers in getting their swimmers to the right location for their heats.

Head Clerk of Course –Works with the Computer Operator to organize swimmers for each event and heat. Full meet shift. 

Computer Operator - Responsible for creating the meets in the electronic meet software, distributing meet information to coaches (both before and after meets), entering event results, running reports, updating results online, and bringing/setting up/breaking down the computer equipment to/from the meets. Full meet shift. Requires work before and after the meets.

Deck Marshal - Ensures that only coaches, swimmers, and volunteers participating in events are on the deck during the meet. Directs family members and friends to designated spectator’s areas to watch and take pictures of their swimmer(s).

8&U Coordinator – Supports 8 & Under events only. These swimmers only swim 25-yard events, so the 8 & Under card runners work together to get the event cards from the swimmer, take them to the Recorders, then take them to the Scoring/Verifying table. This position involves more walking, and at times running, to make it to the other side of the pool in time for card collection.

Head Timer - Prior timer experience recommended. Responsible for holding the Timers/Recorders meeting prior to the start of the meet. During the meeting he/she will distribute stopwatches and clipboards to all first shift volunteers. He/she will provide instructions on how to properly use a stopwatch and when to start and stop it. Head Timer will start two stopwatches at the start of every heat as backup for all other timers incase a timer has an issue with his/her timer.

Heat Ribbons - Hand out heat ribbons to all swimmers that finish first in each heat. Heat ribbons are only handed out for individual events, no relays.

Photographer - Takes pictures of all swimmers, coaches, volunteers, etc. during a meet for use on the team website and in the end-of-year video. This video is normally shown during the end-of-season banquet and posted to the team’s FB page.

Pool Set-Up- The Friday night prior to home meets, all families are allowed to find a spot for their tent for the next day’s meet. Tents should only be set up mid height or kept inside their bags. All families are encouraged to help with setting up the pool and concession for the next day’s meet.

Timers - Operate manual stopwatches to take official time for swimmer in the lane.

Recorder - Record the swimmers' times (as reported by the timers) at the completion of the race. The recorder also ensures that the right swimmer is in the correct heat and lane before the start of the race.

Ribbons - Ensures ribbons are properly filed in family ribbon box. Places computer-generated labels on corresponding award ribbons.  File labeled ribbons in the family file boxes. Brings ribbon box to first practice following each meet so swimmers can retrieve their ribbons. Requires work following meets.

Scorer/Verifier - The Scorers/Verifiers receive the timecards from the runners, determine the official time, score and verify the swimmer's times for the meet. They work closely with the Computer Operator.

Water Runner- Takes water bottles to all volunteers, Lake Ridge Lancers and competing team volunteers, periodically throughout the meet. This is a very important job as our volunteers must stay hydrated during their shifts.

Stroke and Turn Officials - The Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for ensuring that swimmers comply with the rules governing each stroke, turn, finish, and relay exchange. Indicate infractions (DQ) by raising one hand. This position does require training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League. Full meet shift.

Referee - The Referee is an official who enforces the rules during the meet. Referees must have at least 2-3 years of experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge.  This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League. Full meet shift.

Starter - The Starter is the person that starts the heats during the meet.  They will use the starting system provided by the league.  This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League. Full meet shift.

After each home meet, our team is responsible for returning the pool to its original state. This is very important as we need to ensure the pool is ready for the Lake Ridge Swim Club’s members to enjoy following our meet. Clean-up includes removing flags and lane lines; returning tables, chairs, and lounges to their original spots; picking up and removing all trash and lost & found items; supporting concessions with their clean-up responsibilities. If everybody helps, the job will get done in minutes.

When we visit another pool for a swim meet, please be sure to leave the area the way you found it. Pick up all the trash in your area, whether you made it or not.

We can’t do this without you! Thanks in advance for your support!