Lil' & Jr Lancer Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When do the programs start?

A: The Lil' and Jr Lancers start later in the season after school is out.  The reason for this is before school is out, the pool is not open during the day, and we only have practices in the evenings.  After school is out, we use the pool in the mornings before it opens to the public.  This gives us the entire pool, and in particular, the shallow end to work with our younger swimmers without interfering with pool patrons. Practice continue through the entire season which ends the last weekend in July.  This way, if any of the Lil' and/or Jr Lancers are ready to swim in a meet, they will have the opportunity.

Q: Will my Lil' /Jr Lancer be registered to swim with the PWSL?

A: Not at first.  For the Summer Competitive program, the PWSL requires a per-swimmer registration fee that Lake Ridge pays on your behalf from your registration fees.  If it is determined mid-season that your swimmer is ready to compete, we will submit the registration with the League.  The League has no deadline, and will accept additional swimmers throughout the season.

Q: Why is there no registration deadline for the Lil' /Jr Lancer program?

A: Again, the deadline is in place for the Summer Competitive program to encourage families to register early.  Since those in the Lil' Lancer program won’t be participating in Time Trials or Meets, there is not a time-sensitive urgency to get the swimmers who will be competing in place.  The League has no deadline, and will accept additional swimmers throughout the season.

Q: How many Lil'  and Jr Lancers will you accept to the program?

A: Lil' and Jr Lancer enrollment is capped at 30 swimmers.

Q: Will the Lil' and Jr Lancers participate in Meets?

A: If a Lil'/Jr Lancer progresses and the coaching staff thinks they are ready to swim in a meet, they will recommend promoting the Lil'/Jr Lancer to swim in the meet the following week.  We will notify the parents and discuss the possible promotion to the Competitive Team.

Q: Is there a Meet just for the Lil' and Jr Lancers?

A: Yes, the Lil'/Jr Lancers will participate in two mini meets held exclusively for them during their normal practice times.

Q: Is my child expected to graduate from the Lil' /Jr Lancers into the Summer Competitive program during the first season?

A: Every child is different, so there is no hurry or pressure.  There is no deadline or limit on the amount of time your child can be part of the Lil' Lancers Developmental program through age 8.  As long as the Lil' Lancer Coach and Head Coach feel that it is in the best interest of the child to remain in the Lil' Lancer program, they can remain there.  The Coaching staff is committed to you and your swimmer to ensure the right fit, and most of all, to make sure your child is having fun!

Q: Do I need to purchase a Lake Ridge Team suit for my Lil' /Jr Lancer?

A: No. We do not recommend that swimmers wear their team competitive suits during practice.  We do encourage purchasing a Lake Ridge team cap to help your child feel part of the team.  If your swimmer moves up to the Summer Competitive program, he or she will be expected to compete wearing the team suit or other approved suit per the team’s guidelines.

Q: What is expected of me in terms of Volunteering if my child is part of the Lil' /Jr Lancers?

A: If you have no other swimmers on the team in the Summer Competitive program, you are not expected to volunteer to help with meets.  There may be special activities geared towards the Lil'/Jr Lancer program, so we may call upon you to assist if needed. The purpose of the Lil' /Jr Lancers is to develop your swimmer to be able to compete. It is not a program for parents who are looking for swim stroke development lessons but don’t want to be involved with the team.

Q: If my child moves up to the competitive program, will I be expected to volunteer?

A: Yes.  

Q: If my child moves up to the competitive program, will I have to pay additional money?

A: No.