Coach Nicole

Coach Nicole began swimming at the age of 9 in Bonn, Germany.  She comes from a swimming family. Her mom was her first coach, her grandfather was an official, her parents met on a college swim team, and she has an Olympic Gold Medalist in the family! In high school she fell in love with swimming.  She was a Division I swimmer and water polo player.  Coach Nicole has an extensive coaching background, having coached summer swim teams, USS teams, Masters teams, and high school teams. 

As a young swimmer Coach Nicole loved meets and having big kids and little kids on the same team.  She loved having big kids cheer for her and watching the big kids glide through the water so effortlessly. In her opinion there is no better way to spend a weekend then at a swim meet!

When she’s not swimming or coaching, she can be found teaching at Springwoods Elementary School or spending time with her family.  

Coach Nicole is honored to join the OBB team this summer and can’t wait for the season to start so she can get to know everyone, and share her love of swimming with the OBB family.