2018 & 2021 Prince William Swim League Champions

How to RSVP for Meets & Volunteer Jobs

Please follow the directions below to register online for each meet and to sign-up for volunteer jobs.

1. Log into your Piedmont Tsunamis account using the Sign in button at the top right.

2. Scroll down to the middle of the home page to the "Events" section. Within the "Meet & Practice Sign Ups" tab, go to the Meet listing and click the "Edit Commitment" button.

3. Click on your swimmer's name(s) and click either Yes or No in the "Declaration" drop-down menu. Make sure to click "Save Changes" and go through these steps for each of your swimmers

4. Go back to the home page, to the “Events” section and this time click on the "Job Signup" button for each Meet listing. 

5. Scroll to the section that shows the job you would like to volunteer for and click a checkbox for the shift that you would like to work. 

6. Please RSVP for each of the meets listed on the home page. If you need to make changes as the summer progresses, you can simply login and change your RSVP by the Monday evening preceding the meet.