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Piedmont Tsunami 2020 Team Suits

Team Swim Suit Try-On/Purchase Dates
The Tsunamis will continue using the Arena Water Suit as its team suit for the 2020 summer season. Team Suit Try-On and Purchase events will be held at the Piedmont Athletic Center (indoor pool) located at 14651 Piedmont Vista Drive in Haymarket. Try-ons will be April 22nd and April 28th from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Attendees will be able to purchase their suits on the spot during these events.

The pricing on the new suits is as follows: Girls Team Suit - $58.50; Boys Brief - $34.50; Boys Jammer: $42.25. Please note that although the majority of our competitive swimmers do purchase a team suit, it is not mandatory to wear the team suit at meets. White Cap swimmers have the option to purchase a team suit but again it is not required.