Volunteer Opportunities

**New Mandatory Volunteer Service Hours** effective Summer 2020 

Summer swim is a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn new skills, make life-long friends, challenge themselves, and have fun. Summer swim is only possible with the help of volunteers who run the meets and organized team activities. Each home meet has 150 volunteer shifts and each away meet has 95 volunteer shifts. When we host our Divisionals meet, we have 120 volunteer shifts to be filled. That’s 1,100 volunteer shifts that need to be filled by our families this summer for our meets to run successfully! 

With that said, we really need your help! The Piedmont Tsunamis are initiating a volunteer service hours program this summer. Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours for the summer season (shifts are usually 1.5 - 2 hours each). Hours will be kept track for every meet/activity. There will be a mid-season update sent to all families informing them of hours achieved or needed. At the end of the season, if you have not met your 6 hour commitment, unfulfilled hours will be billed to your credit card on file, in the amount of $25/unfilled hour.

The required 6 hours is for all of our Competitive team families (black cap). If you only have Developmental team swimmers (white cap), then you are exempt from the 6 hour volunteer commitment. However, if your white cap swimmer will be participating in the end of season meet, there may be a need to volunteer.

Meet sign-ups will go out at the beginning of the season. Please note, if we are short at any time during our meets, we may need to ask you to help, even if you have opted out. The meet can’t be successful if we don’t have people volunteering!

We welcome all volunteers and would prefer to have you volunteer. However, you may opt out during the registration process for a one-time fee of $125.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to seeing each of you on deck this summer!

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Stroke and Turn Judges
The Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for ensuring that swimmers comply with the rules relating to each stroke and turn. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

The Referee is an official who enforces the rules during the meet. Referees must have at least 2-3 years experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

The Starter is the person that starts the heats during the meet. They will use the starting system provided by the league. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

Clerk of Course
The Clerk is responsible for all of the paperwork at the meet prior to the swimmer's event. The Clerk seeds each swimmer in each event to a heat and lane according to their submitted entry time. Swimmers report to the clerk prior to their scheduled event to receive a time card with their heat and lane assignment for that event. The Clerk is always in need of volunteers to help hand out event cards, get swimmers in their proper order, and walk young swimmers to their assigned lane at the start of their event. Clerk of Course requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials. Assistants do not require training.

Mother/Father Hen
The Mother/Father Hen is responsible for gathering the swimmers for their events. They work between the team area and the Clerk of Course.

The Scorers receive the time cards from the runners, determine the official time, and score the meet. They work closely with the Computer Operator.

Ribbon Writer
The Ribbon Writers place the labels with each swimmer's name on the ribbons after the event. They also hand out heat ribbons to the heat winners during the meet.

The Timers clock the swimmers during the heats. The only knowledge that is required is the working of a stopwatch. The Head Timer will provide training if it is needed. The most important single statistic at a swim meet is the time that a swimmer achieves during the race. The Recorder records the swimmer’s time (as reported by the timers) on the card at the completion of the race. The recorder also ensures that the right swimmer is in the correct heat and lane before the start of the race.

The Runner collects the time cards from the recorders and delivers them to the scorers after each heat. Here is a Runner's
Diagram of the Simpson Pool.

The Announcer calls the swimmers to the Clerk of Course area, and provides periodic scoring updates and other required announcements.

Computer Operator
The Computer Operator is responsible for electronic meet entries prior to the swim meet and data entry of meet results at the meet. During the week prior to each swim meet, the Computer Operator must get all meet entries entered into the computer and print event cards for the Clerk of Course. The Computer Operator needs a volunteer or two on the day of the meet to help enter and validate event results.

Concessions - Concessions volunteers run the concession stand throughout the meet, and assist with the set-up and clean up of the concessions area.

Set-Up and Break-Down for Home Meets - Volunteers set-up the pool area on Friday evening prior to each home meet and help with break-down after the meet.

Sponsorship Committee - Help attain and retain sponsors in support of the Piedmont Tsunamis swim programs.