Southbridge Seals Home Meet Timeline

NOTE: For virtual meets, warm-ups will begin at 6:30 as Southbridge will be the only team present. For all Non-Virtual Home Meets:

6:00 AM - 6:10AM: Arrive on deck and prepare for warm-ups

6:10 AM - 6:30AM:  Seal's warm-ups

6:30 AM - 6:50AM:  Visiting team's warm-ups

6:30 AM: Stroke and Turn Officials' meeting on deck

6:45 AM: Timers' and Recorders' meeting on deck

6:50 AM: Clear the pool- Relays assemble in team areas and move to proper lanes to prepare for start of meet

6:58 AM: National Anthem

7:00 AM: Start the meet

At conclusion of meet, please stay and help return the pool to its previous setup.