Meet Job Procedures and Responsibilities


You are responsible for the job you have signed up for or has been assigned to you.

It takes a lot of work to get swim meets up and running. Please follow the procedures below to make sure you do not create more work for others.

  • Know what your job is and what is required of you before the meet. CLICK HERE for job descriptions. The meets are very busy and while some positions do provide on-the-job training, it's best to be aware of what is expected prior to the meet. If you have any questions about volunteer positions and what is expected of each position, please feel free to contact the volunteer coordinator for additional information.
  • Helping with the meets is mandatory, but it's also fun! Prior to the first meet, you will need to fill out a Volunteer form (it will be emailed to you and should be filled out and submitted online). Based on your responses, an adult from your family will be assigned a job or designated as a backup for each meet. The meets can't happen without these positions being filled. However, these are great opportunities to meet your fellow swim parents, learn about the sport, and be part of the team. It might sound intimidating, but once things get going you'll find that while meets are busy, they are a lot of fun for parents as well as swimmers.
  • Be on time for job check in. All volunteers, regardless of shift, need to check in with the volunteer coordinator prior to the start of the meet to receive his/her badge. For those that are working the second shift be aware of the shift change and arrive to your position on time to relieve the parent that was working first shift. After the completion of your shift, please return your badge to the volunteer check in table located in our camping area. Please be on time for job shift and be ready to do your job. 
  • We have an 8 & Under Coordinator*! Don't worry about volunteering keeping you from getting your young swimmer to his/her events on time. One of our volunteer positions does that for you.
  • You will still get to see your child swim. Most positions put you in prime viewing of the pool, but even if you have a position that doesn't, we all help each other out so we don't miss seeing our kids swim. 

*If you only have a swimmer or swimmers ages 6 and under who do not participate in the relays, you are not expected to volunteer.