PWSL Week 3 2022

One PWSL record was broken this week:

Piedmont Tsunamis Girls 13-14     200 Freestyle Relay  01:55.6   M Richardson, S Traister, K Crown, A Sagle

We're halfway through the season - the midseason wrap-up files and databases will be available later this week to computer reps. Computer reps can also find the new PWSL records file for week 4 in the "Computer Support" tab inside the league website. Enjoy a weekend off.

The live results site has been revived! Thanks to Tony K and Josh, a Montclair parent and programmer who has been very generous with his time.

As of now, the "Top Times" button is not working correctly, but we have uploaded all the meet databases supplied by each team and the results pages seem to be working correctly. Teams can resume uploading results during the meet and should  at least upload the completed meet database at the close of the meet (in addition to emailing it to John).

Teams can resume publicizing the site to families -  When you publicize the site, please mention that Top Times is not yet active; this helps keep the league contact form from being spammed by your coaches and parents. Meet databases for previous weeks can be uploaded by teams. Computer reps should report any issues with uploads or display of times to John and Tony.

HERE is a PDF of all the times in the county for week 3. Please feel free to post and share as needed for each team.

Please see the updated   Summary Sheet for an overview of all the meets.  The Top 25 individual times and Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet and league record file are    available to the computer reps on this site.