PWSL Week 5 2022

PWSL week 5 is in the books - looking over the summary sheet, we had just under 3600 swimmers in the water this weekend; that's the most this season and back to our numbers from the end of 2018, closing in on pre-pandemic 2019 numbers. Hopefully a good sign for growth in coming seasons.

No league records were set this week; the same records file has been carried over to week 6 and is available to download inside the Computer support tab on the site.

A reminder for computer reps that we absolutely need your week 6 databases immediately after the meets so we can generate divisional eligibility files and databases. I typically get eight or nine of 12 databases emailed in a timely manner; next week that could lead to half of the 24 teams being delayed in their divisional prep. Please email a backup of your completed meet database to John and Tony immediately after your week 6 meet concludes.

If your team completed their regular home season this week, please get your ribbons back to Sudley now; if you're one of the 12 teams hosting this coming Saturday, make plans now for returning your regular season ribbon box to Sudley early in the week prior to divisionals.

Complete meet results are available at the league's live results site, Unfortunately, the extra features of the site are again inoperative; do not expect to find complete top times on the site until we can troubleshoot the issues sometime after the season. All meet results are also uploaded to Reach for the Wall.

Please see the updated   Summary Sheet for an overview of all the meets.  The Top 25 individual times and  Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet database and the league record file for week 6 are now   available to the computer reps on the "Computer Support" tab inside this site.