PWSL Divisionals 2022

My apologies for uploading the Divisional and end of season files so late; I was hit hard by COVID the Monday after Divisionals and had a hard time getting out of bed the following week. I wouldn't say I'm "normal" yet, but I'm getting there.

Complete results for the divisional meets are available at There's going to be a complete re-write of the site "behind the scenes" this off-season. You can also download a full results PDF here.

All meet results this season are being sent to and being uploaded to the site.

Please see the updated  summary sheet for an overview of all the meets. The team cyber meet scoresTop 40 individual times  with cyber meet scores and Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. The Divisional cyber meet file, as well as the end of season reports including the excel version of top times,  PDF version of top 25 swims for the season in every event and a PWSL league-wide team manager database are available to the computer reps on this site.