This is a list of frequently asked questions about the team.  If you have other general questions about joining the team or need help, send us an email.  Our Wellington Dolphin Parent Handbook  has a lot of helpful information about being a member of the Team.

How much does it cost? Are there other costs aside from Registration fees?

How many kids can be on the team?

We don't live in Wellington.  Can we still join the team?

My child can swim, but doesn't know all four strokes.  Does that matter?

What is your Pre-Season Program?  We are new to the Team, can we still do that?

When is Practice? How often do we need to come?

Do Parents need to stay at Practice?

Are Swim Meets Required?

When and where are the Meets?

I am worried that we won't be able to meet the Volunteer Commitment.

My child has a birthday during the Summer.  Does this mean he has to change groups?

How do I get a Pool Membership?

Where do we Purchase Team Suits?

Do you offer Swim Lessons?

Can Swim Team members use the Pool?

What About the Weather?

Do you give refunds?

Don't see the help you are looking for?  Send us an email.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Our registration pricing schedule is HERE. Registration fees include, 9 weeks of instructional practices (up to 5 hours a week), Prince William County Swim League registration fees, entry to weekly meets (Time Trials, 6 Dual-Meets, and Divisionals), weekly achievement awards, weekly placement ribbons, end-of-season participation award, and free fun!  

Q:  Are there other costs besides the Registration fee?

A:   Registration fees do NOT include your team suit.  We will have a suit fitting and ordering Open House in the Spring before the season starts. Goggles, caps, or other training equipment, i.e., fins or hand paddles are not included.  These items may or may not be optional depending on the training level/ability of your child  Prices on these additional training items may vary but should cost around $20.


Q:  How many kids can be on the team?

A:  In recent summers, we have averaged between 195 and 250 kids on the Team who actively compete in swim meets.  Because of PWSL rules that dictate the maximum size of a meet, we will cap the team at a number of competitive swimmers depending on the sizes of each age group. (About 260 swimmers.)  (This does not include Mini Dolphins.)  Meets only allow for 600 splashes per team/3 events per swimmer, so we target a number that will allow swimmers who attend a meet get to swim in the maximum number of events possible. Each week, we count on there being enough swimmers who aren't attending, or are only able to swim one or two strokes, so we easily target the 600 maximum splash mark.  For highly-attended meets, such as Divisionals, we may limit the number of swims to ensure all members can participate.


 Q:  We don't live in Wellington.  Can we still join the team?

A:  Yes!  You don't need to live in the Wellington community to join the team.


Q:  My child can swim, but doesn't know all four strokes.  Does that matter?

A:  No.  As long as your child is water-safe and is able to "swim" in that they are capable of going from one end of the pool (25 Meters) to the other without hanging on the lane line, walking on the bottom or panicking, that is all we need.  Our Coaching staff will help develop the strokes and they will start swimming competitively with Free and Back and then move to Breast and Fly.  They won't be forced to swim anything they aren't ready for.  With daily practices and a dose of fun, the skills and stroke development come fast!


Q:  What is your Off-Season Program?  We are new to the Team, can we still do that?

A:  Absolutely!  Our Off-Season Program is an optional program designed to get our swimmers warmed up and ready for the Summer Competitive season.   This program is for swimmers who are comfortable swimming at least 25 Meters unassisted, and have some basic stroke knowledge. Details on this program can be found HERE. We offer a discount to families that register for Pre-Season and Summer Competitive together.


Q:  When is Practice? When do we need to come?

A:  The practice schedule is HERE.  Note that practice times may change to balance groups and ensure that lanes are not overcrowded.  Practice is only in the evening until school is out, then you can choose to come to either the morning or evening practice.  There is no required number of practices, but your Coach will want you to come to as many as you can each week.  Practice is what makes better swimmers and helps the team win meets!


Q:  Do Parents need to stay at Practice?

A:  YES-it is a good idea, especially for the younger swimmers.  Our Coaches are available for the swimmers, but their focus needs to be on the Practice.  They have many swimmers to coach, and may be unable to help if your swimmer becomes cold, tired, cranky, needs help with a cap, goggles or other issues outside of the water.  Parents should make arrangements to stay at practice or have another adult available for their needs.

Also, if the practice is canceled due to the weather, the pool deck must be cleared and swimmers will need a ride home as soon as possible.  


Q:  Are Swim Meets Required?

A:  If you are swimming as part of the competitive team, yes, you are expected to participate in at least some of the swim meets. Summer is a busy time with family vacations and other plans, but please know that your child must swim in at least two meets to be eligible to swim at Divisionals. Our coaching staff won't put a swimmer in a meet until he or she is ready.


Q:  I am worried we won't be able to meet the Volunteer Commitment.

A:  Meets aren't like other sports.  We NEED our parents to help out.  There are lots of different jobs and many are very easy for the new family. Our volunteer requirement is 15 hours plus a shift at Divisionals if your child is participating.   This may sound like a lot, but it is really quite easily achieved by helping at meets and other activities as needed.  A brief description of the Volunteer positions can be found HERE.  Of course, we are all doing this to be with our families and watch our children swim, so volunteering doesn't mean you can't watch your child swim!

If you are a Mini Dolphin parent with no swimmers competing, there is not a volunteer obligation, but once your child begins swimming in meets, you will be expected to help.  Of course, if you are willing, we are always happy to have you!

Q:  My child has a birthday during the Summer.  Does this mean he will have to change groups?

A:  No.  The age of your child on June 1 is the age used for the entire Summer.  So if your child is 10 on June 1st, but turns 11 on June 15th, he will still swim in the 9-10 group.  If you child is 10 on May 30th, and turns 11 on May 31st, then as of June 1st, your child is 11, therefore competes as an 11-12 year old for the Summer.


Q:  When and where are the Meets?

A:  There are eight meets total. Time Trials, six Dual Meets and then Divisionals.  Time Trials is held at our pool, with just our swimmers to get a baseline time. Three Dual Meets are at the Wellington Pool, three are at away pools, and the Divisional meet is held at the Wellington Pool.  So in total, five Meets at Home, and three Away.  To see the meet schedule, click HERE.  To view the website of teams we are competing against, click HERE.


Q:  How do I become a member of the Wellington Pool?

A:  If you are a Wellington resident, pool membership is included in your HOA dues.  To purchase a non-resident membership, contact the Wellington HOA Management. Click HERE to go to their site.


Q: Where do I purchase the Wellington Dolphins team suit?

A:  We will have suit fittings and ordering periods as the summer start date nears.  Check the news section of the website for the latest information on purchasing suits.


Q: Do you offer swim lessons?

A: No, we do not offer swim lessons.  We recommend Central Park Aquatic Center for swim lessons.


Q:  We are not Wellington members.  Can we use the pool after practice?

A: Absolutely not. Wellington Dolphins Swim Team members are not allowed to use the pool in any capacity outside swim team events unless they are a Wellington homeowner, or hold a non-resident pool membership.


Q: What about the Weather?

A: Summer storms are always an issue for us.  While they don't normally interfere with meets or morning practice, they can be a daily issue for evening practices. We use our Twitter account WDSwimTeam to post delays or cancelations for practice. Our Tweets post automatically to our Facebook page Wellington Dolphins Swim Team. You do not need a Twitter or Facebook account to view our posts, but if you do, we encourage you to Like and Follow these feeds.

Q: Do you swim in the rain if there is no lightning and the pool is safe?

A: Of course!  We are DOLPHINS!


Q: I really thought my child would enjoy the team, but it turns out this is not for us.  Do you give refunds?

A: We will offer a refund if your child(ren) are withdrawn from the team prior to Time Trials which is held one week before the first Dual Meet of the season.  Your registration fees will be refunded minus a processing fee to offset the PWSL registration fee (League policy is these fees are not refunded) and other administrative costs.  No refunds can be issued after Time Trials.  We also cannot refund fees for pre-season due to the costs of lane rental at an indoor facility where we have practice.