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Wendy McGrael

Head Coach


Coach Wendy has over 15 years of combined swim coach experience between the NVSL, PWSL, Swim America, York Swim School and recently she also became a Certified USA Swim Coach and substitutes for the Amberjax. She is certified as a Summer League Coach by the ASCA and is working towards her Level II certification.
Wendy works hard to ensure her swimmers learn important character traits as well as proper swimming technique. She believes in focusing on stroke technique through drills, starts, turns, and finishes.  She wants her swimmers to have a good time while being part of the team and learn to love the sport of swimming as much as she does. 
She is mom to three Wellington Dolphins, Abby, Aiden and Evan, and a full time Math Specialist at Kerrydale Elementary School. She looks forward to another fantastic season with the Wellington Dolphins! Whoosh!

Missy Hayden

Co-Head Coach


Coach Missy Hayden has over 20 years of combined Swim Coach experience between the PWSL, year round USA Swim Club, and High School Swim. She is well known, and dearly loved throughout much of the Prince William swim community, with many of our own Dolphins having her as a Coach for various programs. She is very excited to be joining our coaching staff.

Missy grew up in a swimming family, so much so that her Mother and Grandmother started their own USA Swim Club in 1981-the Prince William Amberjax. A swim athlete herself, Missy competed all the way to the State Championships. Her start in Coaching led her to become all-around skilled in the Aquatics industry. As well as being a certified Lifeguard and Pool Operator, she has experience as a Pool Manager, Aquatics Director, Swim Instructor and holds AMLA certifications that allow her to train in Lifesaving and Pool Ops.

Coach Missy has a passion for instilling a love for swimming in her athletes. She feels it is not just a sport, but teaches real-world life skills that her athletes can take into adulthood. She also excels at “coaching the coach”, that is, helping to mentor junior Coaches to help develop the skill set needed to become a fantastic Coach.

Missy has been a Swim Mom to her own swimmers, and “gets it” from a Parent’s perspective. When she’s not on the pool deck Coaching, she’s wrangling her Brady Bunch of her own kids and step-kids as well as working full-time as a Corporate Executive Assistant.

Kathy Meltzer

Assistant Coach


Although Coach Kathy never swam competitively as a kid, she has been swimming since she was four years old and loves being in and around water as much as possible. In High School, she decided to see how many laps she could swim in her home town pool and sparked a love for distance swimming for fitness, often swimming two or three MILES at one time for a workout.  One of her favorite swim accomplishments was swimming Freestyle for five miles in three hours. In order to improve her strokes, Coach Kathy participated in a Masters Swim program for those 18 and older.

Coach Kathy brings to the Dolphins 10 years of Coaching experience which includes coaching for the Potomac Marlins and Prince William Amberjax Club teams, as well as serving as the Head Coach for the Meadowbrook Mako's Minis program. Kathy is an ASCA Level II certified Coach, a certified Lifeguard and Swim Instructor. In addition, she holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from Montclair State University, a Masters of Arts in Elementary Ed. (K-8th).

When she's not coaching the Dolphins, Coach Kathy can be found teaching lessons at Central Park Aquatic Center (CPAC) or coaching with the Amberjax. Since moving from Arizona in 2003, she now resides in Manassas with her four kids and two dogs. She enjoys swimming (of course!), walks with her dogs, the beach and skiing all in between being a mom taxi and CEO of the Meltzer household.

Caleb* Roach

Mini Dolphin Head Coach


Coach Caleb started swimming with Wellington when he was 10. This will be his 8th year swimming for the Wellington Dolphins, and his 4th year as a Coach. In all these years, he has loved swimming and being a part of the Wellington Family.

As a Coach, his main goal is to encourage every swimmer and make sure they feel confident in what they will be swimming, and to make sure they are having a great time and are proud. He is very excited to be working with the swimmers this year and can't wait to have an amazing season

Emma* Carroll

Assistant Coach


Coach Emma has been swimming with the Wellington Dolphins for 8 years, OCCS for 7 years, and the Osbourn Park HS Varsity Team for 2 years. She is one of our Off-Season Coaches, and has spent 3 years working with the Mini Dolphin program. She is very excited to be part of the regular coaching staff this summer. Emma is a rising junior at Osbourn Park High School in the Biotech and AP program.

Coach Emma is looking forward to having fun with the swimmers this season. 

Ainsley* Ludwig

Assistant Coach


Coach Ainsley has been swimming with the Wellington Dolphins since she was in 3rd grade. She is currently a rising Junior at St. John Paul the Great Catholic High School where she is a member of the Varsity Swim Team. Ainsley has been a Coach Intern for three years, and is excited to finally be a Coach. She loves swimming and loves all the amazing people she has met on her journey and is looking forward to teaching all the little Dolphins how to swim and knows she will have fun while doing it.

Kelly* Luetkenhaus

Assistant Coach


Coach Kelly has been swimming competitively for 10 years and has been with the Wellington Dolphins since 2011. Soon after her first summer of competitive swimming, she realized she loved it and wanted to be in the water all year long so she began club swimming with OCCS.  Kelly is a rising Junior at Osbourn Park High School where she is in the BioTech program and is also a member of their Varisty Swim Team. Kelly is excited to work again with the Dolphins this summer after Interning for the past few years. She hopes to help the swimmers with stroke work, starts, turns all while having lots of fun.

Coach Kelly is super excited to be a member of the Wellington Coaching Staff this season.

Chuck Norris

Dry-Land Coach


Since I have already finished counting to infinity-twice, read all of Facebook, and have memorized Pi, I have some MORE free time, so I plan on being back as part of the Wellington Dolphins Coaching Staff as a Dry-Land Coach.

Over the winter even though it was cold, I went camping which wasn't too rough since I can light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together.  I packed lots of soup which I ate with chopsticks.  I also joined a bowling league where I bowled a perfect game with a marble. To earn a little extra money, I worked as a substitute teacher but that didn't go over too well when I filled in for the math teachers since I can draw a triangle with four sides and divide by zero.  My friends Clint and Arnold convinced me to take a cooking class , but they got mad because I made all the onions cry.  When the weather was nice, I practiced doing wheelies on my unicycle.

I have been swimming since before I was born.  I won my first Olympic Gold medal in the 100,000 Meter Butterfly when I was twelve-years-old.  I once won an underwater breath-holding contest with a fish.

When I reached the wall, no one else had even dove in yet.  I never in my life had a false-start, because anyone who dives after me is declared a false-start.  Disqualifications were always thrown out by the Head Referee because I am qualified to do anything I please.  I get my strength from eating the coping off the edge of the pool.

After surviving 37 fatal shark attacks, I retired from the pool and started coaching in my ample spare time because I had already figured out how to sneeze with my eyes open and lick my elbow at the same time.

This summer, again I will see to it that there will no practice cancelations due to fact that there will always be good weather.