WELCOME TO OUR POOL! Please see our regular Visiting Team Guide page for general information on Directions, PWSL League Rep and Computer contact information.  All other information on the Divisional Visitor Guide is different from our regular, dual-hosted meets. For a printable copy of this guide, click HERE. (2018 Version)

INCLEMENT WEATHER or MEET DELAY: Wellington no longer operates a "hotline". All updates to closures, weather delays or other urgent announcements are posted to our Twitter account WDSwimTeam which cross-posts to the feed on the main page of our website. If there is advance concern for weather delays/cancelations the day of Divisionals, our PWSL representative will reach out through appropriate channels.

PARKING:  Each team will have 15 parking spaces reserved in the parking lot. Please see the Divisional Team Areas map HERE for an overview of parking areas and team setup areas.

General parking is available at Grace United Methodist Church located just down Wellington Road within short walking distance of the pool. We will inform visiting teams before the meet in the event there are limitations to the use of the church parking lot. Street parking is available on surrounding neighborhood streets that are not designated as Bike Lanes (Clover Hill and Hendley have Bike Lanes). PLEASE do not block driveways or mailboxes and be respectful to our neighbors in early mornings with minimal noise. Manassas City Police will ticket for illegally parked cars, and cars in fire lanes in our parking lot WILL BE TOWED. ALSO, Wellington Townhome street parking is restricted only to Wellington residents with a parking sticker. So do not park in any visitor spots on Townhome streets. You will be towed.

Please use the drop-off area (circle) in front of the Wellington Clubhouse off Wellington road to unload swimmers and gear.

If anyone on your team is in need of Handicap parking, please let us know as soon as possible. Cars must have a handicap placard or tags displayed on their car to qualify. We have a few marked Handicap spaces in each team parking area, but can set aside others as needed.

VISITING TEAM AREAS: Please see the Divisional Team Areas map for your areas.  TENNIS COURTS are OFF LIMITS at all times. Please follow directions of any posted signs and do not enter any areas that are roped-off for non-access.

COACHES' AREAS: Visiting team coaches set up by the pool in front of the slide. Wellington coaches set up on the corner by the Baby Pool. There is plenty of room to set-up a tent and we recommend that you bring one for your coaches, as the area can get very sunny. We encourage you to bring a few bag-chairs for your coaches, as our pool supply is very limited.

DECK ACCESS:  Due to the large number of swimmers and families, only designated meet volunteers will be allowed on the pool deck from the Clerk of Course areas, behind the Starters and the start-end of the pool.  All Viewing is from the end of the pool area near the back fence.

RELAY LANES: All teams are welcome to enter up to three relay teams per relay event. Relay lane assignments will remain the same throughout the meet. 

DIVISIONAL T-Shirts: We will offer a commemorative Divisional T-shirt on a pre-order basis. Ordering and cost information will be provided as it becomes available.

MEET ENTRIES: Please provide your team's meet entries by 6:00 P.M. on Thursday, July 25th to Jennifer Whiteree via email: j[email protected]. Please remember PWSL rules for Divisional eligibility-Swimmer must have participated in at least 2 regular season PWSL meets and achieved a legal time in the entered stroke from the current season. No Time Trial times, NTs (no-time), Coaches' Times or Exhibition swims will be allowed.

MEET PROGRAM SHEETS: We will have the meet program available on our website on Friday morning prior to the meet as well as made available to the visiting team via email through the computer representatives. We will print a limited number of Meet Sheets for Officials and Coaches. Please make sure you provide us with anything you need in the meet program, i.e., Senior Swimmer/Last Splash recognition NLT the Friday before the meet so we have adequate time to put the meet program together and include these items. All items to go in the Divisionals Program should be emailed to [email protected]. Items less than a page should be combined to one page. Only send items in PDF format. Items not correctly formatted or otherwise not "ready to go" will not be included.

VOLUNTEER REQUESTS AT-A-GLANCE: There are three shifts per Meet:
Shift 1: 7:15 - 9:15AM; Shift 2: 9:15-11:15; Shift 3: 11:15 to End

OFFICIALS and EQUIPMENT: Please bring as many Stroke and Turn Officials as possible as well as your starting equipment.  Since we have a 10-lane pool, we use quite a few S&T Officials.  Also, due to the size of our pool, we move the 8&U and 9-10 Fly swimmers to the opposite end for starting, not the Timers and Recorders.  We position a second starter machine there to avoid the need for moving the equipment during the meet.  Please have your starter machine fully charged and set it up by the backstroke flag pole near the slide.

In order to start the meet on-time at 7:15, we will conduct the Officials meeting at 6:15 A.M. in the Clubhouse. We will provide a complementary breakfast to our Officials.

CLERK of the COURSE: Our We set up two Clerk of Course areas-one for Boys and one for Girls inside the Baby Pool and on the deck behind the shallow end. Our Head Clerk area is located in the Baby Pool.

HEAT RIBBONS: Heat ribbons will be given to the winner of each heat of individual events for Individual events only per PWSL rules.

COMPUTERS, SCORING/VERIFYING and RIBBONS: The Computer team, Scoring/Verifying and Ribbons are under the Pavilion. Scoring and Verifying share a work area. We do not start Ribbon volunteers until second shift.

We ask that all teams bring their computers/printers, and will share data entry duties in pre-determined shifts.

TEAM AREA MARSHAL: Because we have a larger pool, we suggest hat teams provide one Team Area Marshall per shift.  We do have a sound system, but as we all know, swimmers don't always pay attention.  This volunteer helps swimmers in their team area by listening to announcements and making sure swimmers get to the clerk of course area in a timely fashion. 

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Warmups Wellington : 6:00-6:20 A.M.; Team A: 6:20-6:40 A.M.; Team B: 6:40 -7:00 A.M.

WARM-UPs: The meet will start at 7:15 A.M.  Warm-ups are 20 minutes for each team.  Wellington will have the first warm-up at 6:00, and the visiting teams warm up at 6:20 and 6:40.  The pool is cleared at 7:00.  There are a number of residences very close to the pool, and we ask that noise be kept to a minimum prior to the start of the meet.

SCHOOL SUPPLY DONATIONS: Our friends and neighbors over at Grace United Methodist Church generously share their parking lot with us on Home Meet Saturdays for overflow parking. So to pay this generosity forward, we have partnered with GUMC to support their community School Supply Drive. This School Supply Drive, overseen by Pastor Jessica, will benefit the Georgetown South community and surrounding Manassas schools. At any Wellington Dolphin Home meet, including Divisionals, you can drop off your school supply donations at the Welcome Tent.  After the meet, supplies will be collected and taken to GUMC. 

GENERAL HOUSEKEEPING:   To limit distractions to swimmers and prevent interference with official duties, cell phone use is not permitted on the deck by Timers, Recorders and all Officials.

There is to be no photography behind the start end of the pool, to include far end by the fence when it is being used for starts (25 Meter Events). This is distracting to the swimmers, meet volunteers and to the Starting Referees. From the far end of the pool, once the race has begun, you may take photos or videos, but not before the buzzer sounds. There is to be absolutely no photography in bathroom areas.

We also ask that everyone follow and respect the direction of our Lifeguards-they are present and responsible for the safety of everyone using our facility.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our PWSL League Representative Scott Bewley may be reached by email [email protected]Our Computer Queen, Jennifer Whiteree may be reached by email by clicking HERE.  (Email is best.)