GENERAL: The Wellington Dolphins welcome you to our pool.  We have a ten-lane, 25-meter pool.  We look forward to hosting your team for an exciting, fun swim meet.

DIRECTIONS: The Wellington Pool is located at 9700 Wellington Road, Manassas, VA 20110.  GPS Coordinates are 38.74016,-77.481079

From the South/Business 234: Coming toward Manassas City from the South-take Business 234 North and make a left onto Wellington Road.  At the second light, make a left onto Cloverhill Road, and the pool entrance will be on your immediate left.  You will see a big white clubhouse from Wellington Road.

From PWC Parkway: If you are traveling on the Prince William Parkway towards Manassas, keep going straight crossing Libera Ave. onto Wellington Road.  You will pass Metz Junior High School on your left.  Cross over Grant Ave.  At the second light, turn left onto Cloverhill Road. Pool entrance is on your immediate left.

From Route 234 Sudley Road:  Turn right on Godwin Ave.  After going over railroad tracks, take a left on Wellington Road.  At the 3rd light, turn right on Cloverhill Road.  Pool entrance is on your immediate left.

From the Rt 234 Bypass: Turn onto Cloverhill Road at light.  Follow Cloverhill through four-way stops at Waterford and Hastings.  Pool is on the right immediately before light at Wellington Road.

From Rt. 28/Bristow Area:  Turn right on Godwin at BP station.  At four-way stop at Cloverhill Road, turn left.  Pool is on the right immediately before light at Wellington Road.

SWIMMER DROP-OFF: You may use the circle area in front of the Wellington Clubhouse to drop off swimmers and gear then go find parking.

PARKING: Some parking is available near the clubhouse in the pool parking lot. Additional street parking is available on Cloverhill Court, Strawflower Road, Waterford Road. DO NOT PARK ON PARTS OF CLOVERHILL ROAD or HENDLEY DESIGNATED AS A BIKE LANE. Doing this will get you a $65 ticket courtesy of the Manassas City Police. Please avoid blocking curb areas on Cloverhill that are marked in yellow, or in any area in front of a curb-side mailbox. Do not park in the fire lane in front of the clubhouse, or park in handicapped parking spaces unless your car displays the appropriate plates or hang-tag. You may also park at Grace United Methodist Church, UNLESS they have another event or funeral on meet day. If this is the case, our PWSL representative will let your team know.    ALSO , Wellington Townhome street parking is now restricted only to Wellington residents with a parking sticker. So do not park in any visitor spots on Townhome streets. You will be towed.
WARM-UPs:  The meet will start at 7:00 A.M.  Warm-ups are 20 minutes for each team.  Wellington will have the first warm-up at 6:10, and the visiting team warms up at 6:30. The pool is cleared at 6:50. There are a number of residences very close to the pool, and we ask that noise be kept to a minimum prior to the start of the meet.
VISITING TEAM AREA:  The visiting team may set-up their tents on the grassy areas and in designated roped-off areas of the Parking Lot. TENNIS COURTS are OFF LIMITS at all times. Please follow directions of any posted signs and do not enter any areas that are roped-off for non-access.
BODY ART:  Swimmers are to remember that PWSL rules limit any writing, or drawing on swimmers' bodies to just event numbers. This can transfer to facility equipment, walls, furniture and can cause damage.  Any large writing or drawing on swimmers not related to event numbers (on arm for example) must be washed off before swimming. 
RELAY LANES:  Visiting team relay lanes are 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.  You can make up to an E relay (5 teams) for 8-U through 11-12 Relays; up to a D relay (4 teams) for 13-14 and 15-18 Relay events. (We do not use lane 10 for swimmers 13 and older.)

OFFICIALS and EQUIPMENT: Please bring as many Stroke and Turn Officials as possible as well as your starting equipment.  Since we have a 10-lane pool, we use quite a few S&T Officials.  Also, due to the size of our pool, we move the 8&U and 9-10 Fly swimmers to the opposite end for starting, not the Timers and Recorders.  We position the second starter machine (your machine) there to avoid the need for moving the equipment during the meet.  Please have your starter machine fully charged and set it up by the backstroke flag pole near the slide.

In order to start the meet on-time at 7:00, we will conduct the Officials meeting at 6:30 A.M. Announcements will be made prior to the meeting directing you when and where to go.

There are two (2) shifts per Meet:
7:00 - 9:30 AM
9:30 AM - End

Volunteer Position # of Volunteers Requested
Recorders 5 per shift for even # Lanes (2,4,6,8,10)
Timers 2 for all odd # lanes (1,3,5,7,9)
1 for all even # lanes (2,4,6,8,10)
Clerk of Course 3 per shift
Heat Ribbons 1 for 2nd shift only
Time Card Runner 1 per shift
Scoring and Verifying 4 per shift
Ribbons 2 for second shift only 
Team Marshall 1 per shift

TIMERS and RECORDERS: The Visiting team is requested to provide two timers on all odd-numbered lanes (1, 3, 5, 7 and 9), one timer on all even-numbered lanes (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10), and one recorder for each even-numbered lane (2, 4, 6, 8, 10) for each shift.  A Timer and Recorder meeting will be held before the start of the meet. 

CLERK of the COURSE: Our CoC area is set up inside the Baby Pool.  Visiting team is requested to provide three volunteers per shift change. When events are announced over the public address system, please have your swimmers proceed to the Clerk of the Course.  Extra parent assistance is welcomed to help move the 8 and Under swimmers to their starting area and keep the heats organized and in proper order while they are waiting. 

The PWSL introduced a new policy in 2011 that prohibits body paint on swimmers, including temporary hair color.  Body paint is considered writing on any part of the swimmer except their events on their arm or hand.  If a swimmer reports to the Clerk of the Course with body paint, the swimmer will be directed to shower.  If showering does not remove this, the swimmer will not be permitted to swim.

HEAT RIBBONS: Heat ribbons will be given to the winner of each heat of individual events.  Wellington will provide the Heat Ribbon volunteer for the first shift.  Please provide one Heat Ribbon volunteer for the second timing shift.  
Per  the PWSL, heat ribbons are not given to wining relay teams.

TIME CARD RUNNERS: There will be two Time Card Runners for each timing shift.  Each team will provide one runner for each of the shifts.

COMPUTERS, SCORING/VERIFYING and RIBBONS: The Computer team is set up inside the pool area under the pavilion. Next to them is Scoring and Verifying, and then Ribbons.  We would appreciate at least FOUR volunteers from the Visiting team to assist with Scoring and Verifying for each shift. Because we have a 10-lane pool, we get up to 10 cards per heat for scoring. Verifiying duties are shared by the same volunteers who do Scoring. We do not start Ribbon volunteers until second shift, and ask for two volunteers from the visiting team at 9:30.  Wellington provides all the ribbons.

Visiting team is asked to please bring their computer and printer as a backup and can print ribbons. Wellington will provide ribbon label stickers.

TEAM AREA MARSHAL: Because we have a larger pool, and swimmers can get far away from clerk of course, we request that teams provide one Team Area Marshall per shift.  We do have a sound system, but as we all know, swimmers don't always pay attention.  This volunteer assists clerk of course by listening to announcements and making sure the team's swimmers get to the clerk of course area in a timely fashion.  This may require walking through your team's area and calling for swimmers who are missing from clerk of course.

COACHES AREA: Visiting team coaches set up by the pool in front of the slide.  There is plenty of room to set-up a tent and we recommend that you bring one for your coaches, as the area can get very sunny.  Also, we encourage you to bring a few bag-chairs for your coaches, as a high portion of our supply is consumed by Recorders and 25 Meter event start area.

DECK ACCESS: There is free deck access for viewing events except immediately behind the Timers and Recorders and the Starters.  We must keep the area near the Announcer clear.  No one is allowed in the shallow area of the pool, or on the slide platform, diving boards or any other equipment without permission of the Head Referee or Board of Directors President.  We ask that you keep your team out of the pool except when they are swimming their events.  We also ask that everyone follow and respect the direction of our Lifeguards-they are present and responsible for the safety of everyone using our facility. There is to be no photography behind the start end of the pool, to include far end by the fence when it is being used for starts (25 Meter Events). This is distracting to the swimmers, meet volunteers and to the Starting Referees. From the far end of the pool, once the race has begun, you may take photos or videos, but not before the buzzer sounds.

MEET PROGRAM SHEETS: We will have the meet program available on our website by 8:00 A.M. on Friday mornings prior to each meet we host as well as made available to the visititing team via email through the computer representatives.  We will print a limited number of Meet Sheets for Officials and Coaches.

SCHOOL SUPPLY DONATIONS: Our friends and neighbors over at Grace United Methodist Church generously share their parking lot with us on Home Meet Saturdays for overflow parking. So to pay this generosity forward, we have partnered with GUMC to support their community School Supply Drive. This School Supply Drive, overseen by Pastor Jessica, will benefit the Georgetown South community and surrounding Manassas schools. At any Wellington Dolphin Home meet, including Divisionals, you can drop off your school supply donations at the Welcome Tent.  After the meet, supplies will be collected and taken to GUMC. 

CONTACT INFORMATION: Our PWSL League Representative Scott Bewley may be reached by email by clicking HEREOur Computer representative, Jennifer Whiteree may be reached by email by clicking HERE.  (Email is best for her.)