Mini Dolphins practices begin a bit later in the season to accommodate school schedules. ALSO Mini Dolphins practice in the MORNING ONLY and is limited to FORTY SWIMMERS.

The Wellington Dolphins Mini Dolphins program is available for kids ages 3-8 who are not quite ready to swim at a competitive level, but are enthusiastic about becoming a member of the Wellington Dolphins Swim Team. This program is not swim lessons, but a preparatory program with the goal to transition the swimmer to the competitive team. The Mini Dolphins is a hands-on program with Coaches in the water to instruct the swimmers and ensure their safety.

If the determination is made during the season that the Mini Dolphin is ready to move up to the competitive team, the Mini Coach will work with the Head Coach to make sure that the child can swim a 25-meter Freestyle unassisted, is able to swim on his or her back, and is all-around mentally ready for the jump into competing.

While the program is set up to provide a transition group from swim lessons to the competitive swim team, we want children to have a good time! There will be no pressure to move up quickly, but simply to get better each practice.  This program is a great introduction into the world of competitive swimming for our little ones.

Mini Dolphins FAQs

Space in the Mini Dolphins Program is limited due to PWSL and Wellington HOA limits on team size.  REGISTER EARLY!

2022 Mini Dolphins Program Details 



PRACTICES END: Last week in July

(See practice schedule HERE.)

WHERE: Wellington Pool-9700 Wellington Road

COST: $190

Seventy-five percent of our planet is water - can you swim?  ~Author Unknown