There are lots of ways to stick with the sport of swimming when Summer Swim is over at the end of July, even for Parents! If you are looking for a bit more (or a bit less) than our Wellington Dolphins Off-Season swim program, below lists some options. Many of our coaches have experience with these programs and are happy to make recommendations for your swimmer.  Just shoot us an email at [email protected] to get the conversation started.

CLUB SWIMMING: If you swimmer is in love with the sport and wants to continue competitive swimming year-round, there are several local clubs that provide an excellent swim instruction. Club swimming are teams that are governed under USA Swimming (USAS), usually involve practice several times per week, one or more meets per month, and a significant financial commitment. As your swimmer ages, the level of commitment and rigor of practices will increase. This is where kids looking to swim in College get the training they need. Your swimmer will put in LOTS of hard work and see LOTS of improvement. Some of the local Club teams where current Wellington Dolphins swim include:

Occoquan Swimming (OCCS): OCCS is a member of the Potomac Valley Swimming (PVS) Local Swim Club (LSC) and recognized as a Level 3 USA Swim Club. They have practices at Central Park Aquatic Center (CPAC), the Freedom Center and and Prince William Swim Center (Colgan High School) in Manassas, as well as Dale City Rec Center and the WARF in Warrenton. PVC meets are typically in the D.C. Metro region.

Prince William Swim Club (Amberjax): The Amberjax are a USAS Club team and swim as a member of the Virginia Swimming LSC. They practice out of Prince William Aquatic Center (Colgan High) in Manassas, Chinn Aquatics and Fitness Center (CAFC) in Woodbridge and Dale City Rec Center. Their meets tend to be exclusively in Virginia, heading south towards Fredericksburg.

Nation's Capital Swim Club (NCAP): NCAP is a big, Level 4 USAS Club team, part of the PVS LSC with locations all over the D.C. Metro area. Locally, they practice at the Freedom Center.

Riptide Swim Team: Riptide is a smaller team that offers lots of flexibility for swimmers who participate in other sports and have schedule constraints. Riptide is a member of the PVS LLC and practice out of the Freedom Center. Their team slots tend to fill up fast.

Stealth Swim Team: Stealth is a USAS competitive team tied to the Swim Kids Swim School. They practice out of the large Swim Kids location in Woodbridge.

BEGINNING SWIM/LESSONS: Not every swimmer is ready for the commitment Club swimming involves. There are plenty of other options out there to just keep swimming. If your swimmer has not mastered the basic strokes and requires in-the water, hands-on assistance, then swim lessons are the place to start. Many local facilities offer reputable swim lessons that will provide an excellent swim foundation:

OCCS Swim AcademyLocated at CPAC in Manassas, this is the instructive branch of the OCCS swim team. Lessons focus on swim team preparedness.

Freedom Aquatic and Fitness Center; With many levels and time slots available, the Freedom Center offers convenient and affordable small group lessons.

Swim KidsLocally owned, Swim Kids is a private swim school that offers instruction for ages 2 months and up. There are swim schools in Woodbridge and Gainesville.

Prince William Aquatic Center (PWAC): PWAC at Colgan High School offers small group, Red Cross certified swim lessons mostly in the evenings and on weekends.

SUMMER SWIM TEAM PREP PROGRAMS: If your swimmer can comfortably practice in the water unassisted, but is not ready for the intensity of a year-round Club team, a swim team prep program may be a perfect fit. Swim Team Prep programs generally do not offer competitive meets.

Wellington Dolphins Off-Season Swim: Our own (preferred!) in-house Summer prep program. Registration begins mid-August with weekly practices beginning in September and finishing in May with a few weeks off for Holidays. Priority is given to existing Wellington families, but we do take swimmers new to the team if there is room.

OCCS Swim AcademyLocated at CPAC in Manassas, the OCCS Swim Team prep offers once and twice a week options.

NCAPNCAP Swim Team Prep practices at the Freedom Center and also offers once and twice a week option.

HIGH SCHOOL PREP PROGRAMS: If your teen swimmer is looking for a bridge between Summer Swim and preparing for participation on a High School swim team, a High School Prep program is a great choice. Varsity High School swim is a Winter sport, with team practices and meets kicking off in early November. Prep Programs typically run starting in September to prepare for the transition to the High School Team.

OCCS Swim Academy: Offers a High School Prep Program located at CPAC in Manassas.

Prince William Swim Club (Amberjax): Offers a High School Prep Program located at PWAC (Colgan High School).

ADULT SWIM/MASTERS PROGRAMS: If Mom or Dad have been inspired by their young swimmers and want to give Swim Team a try, there are several Masters Clubs in the area. This is also a great option for swimmers who age out of Summer Swim, but are not swimming in College. 

Potomac Valley Masters Swimming

Virginia Masters Swimming