Piedmont Meet Results Now Available

Results for today's away meet at Piedmont are now available. Click  HERE to go to the meet page and view the reports posted at the bottom of the page. While we didn't win in points against the TOP TEAM in the PWSL, we mopped up with time drops broken team records and a broken PWSL record! Congratulations to Ariana, Emma and Lionel. Amazing swims.

Next Saturday is our last hurrah of the season-DIVISIONALS. We will again swim against Ridgewood and Kingsbrooke, both teams we beat in dual meets this season. BUT...having three teams in the pool changes things a LOT. So don't think we are walking into this to take home an easy win. We will need to hit the pool WANTING to win.

If you won't be at Divisionals, you should have already signed out. If you forgot, let Coach Wendy know ASAP. Email her at [email protected] right now. Coach Wendy and the coaching staff put a TREMENDOUS amout of work into planning, strategizing and executing the Divison Championship meet. It is important every swimmer who qulifies, and declared their intention to participate, shows up.

Families-REMEMBER every family participating in Divisionals must work a minimum of one shift at Divisionals. So for those of you who have worked 15 hours, zero hours, or a bajillion hours, we need your help at Divisionals!  Please make sure you are signed up to help. If you are having a problem finding something to do, your usual job is "sold out", or have other concerns, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator Kara Ashcraft. She is the Volunteer Czar...she will help you! You can email her at [email protected]

The season is coming to an end in 7 days. Please remember to keep an eye on emails, the website, and espciaclly our  Calendar page. A lot of fun stuff goes on our last week before we tuck everything away in the shed.

See you tonight at Late Night Swim. Don't forget your pool membership passes or wristbands. You cannot get in without these.

Enjoy your naps!