Join the Board today. SPST needs you. The Election will be during the General Membership Meeting at the Awards Banquet on 30 July 2023.

Sign up for a Board position during evening practices. Details below.

Board of Directors Election Positions


       Preside at Team and Board of Director meetings.

       Manage the business, contracts and affairs of the Team.

       Coordinate with Stonewall Park Pool and other facilities to schedule meets, practices, and other functions.

Vice President

       Serve in the President’s stead.

       Generally assist the President and perform other duties as necessary.


       Maintain the Team’s financial records, accounts and budgets.


       Retain Team documents and the minutes of Team and board meetings.

Meet Operations Director (Volunteer Coordinator)

       Oversee and coordinate activities related to conducting meets.

       Manage volunteers for meets and other events.

Computer Representative

       Transmit weekly meet entries and results.

       Maintain team membership roster and digital records for the Team and Prince William Swim League.


Apparel and Equipment Director

       Oversee team apparel and gear.

       Buy and distribute Team awards.

At Large Representatives

       Generally assist the President and perform other Board duties as necessary.


Non-Board Volunteer Position: League Representative

       Serve as the Team’s liaison with the Prince William Swim League and attend league meetings.

       Report to the president.

Non-Board Volunteer Position: Concessions Director

       Oversee concessions at evening practices and home meets.

       Report to the president.

Voting Membership of the Team

The Voting Membership of the Team shall consist of the families of current swimmers in good standing (as determined by the Board); Team coaches; and Board members.