Summer 2022 Practice Schedule (not final yet)

There are three nightly one-hour practices Sundays to Thursdays.

All practices are at Stonewall Park Pool, 8351 Stonewall Rd., Manassas.

First Practice: 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm Sunday-Thursday

Age Groups:

  • SeaPups
  • 8 and Unders

Second Practice:  7:50 pm to 8:50 pm Sunday-Thursday

Age Groups:

  • 9-10
  • 11-12

Third Practice: 8:55 pm to 9:55 pm Sunday-Thursday

Age Groups:

  • 13-14
  • 15-19

Your swimmer’s practice time will be determined by the coaches, based on the swimmer’s age and skill, and other factors. We’ll try to accommodate siblings so they can practice at the same time if possible, though we can’t guarantee anything. Please talk to your coach if you have any questions or concern.