Mandatory Volunteering Policy

Swimming isn't like other sports; it requires parents to be participants, not spectators. We NEED all families to help out before, during and after swim meets and practices. For a swimmer to participate on the team and to be a member in good standing, families are required to meet a minimum volunteer commitment as determined by the SPST Board each season.

The team's success depends on the commitment of its members. Past experience has made it necessary to make this a requirement for our families. Failure to volunteer could result in your swimmer being excluded from future meets and/or awards (including ribbons, trophies, medals).

We understand that some families have extenuating circumstances that make volunteering difficult, and we will work with families to help them meet the volunteer requirements. Not all volunteering is done at the meets. Flexibility and understanding are necessary as changes and adjustments can be made to volunteer assignments before, and even during a meet. All job assignments are at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator. Please be courteous if you are asked to switch jobs.