2022 Victory Lakes Piranhas Summer Coaching Staff


Head Coach - Peter Milligan  [email protected]

Positions are still available for Assistant through Coaches in Training

Suspense for application is 25 April 2022

Victory Lakes Swim Club

Coaching Application for 

Summer Swim Team


Summer coaching positions support a summer season that runs from the first Tuesday  after Memorial day through a Season Banquet the Sunday after the Divisional Meet, 1 August 2022.  Coaching positions and schedules will be determined by practice times, team needs, as well as coach experience and availability. Coaches are expected to be available for the majority of this time, unless pre-arranged absences.  

Each year the following positions are needed to be filled ranging from the Head Coach, Assistant Coach(es), High School Swimmer Coaches, and Coaches in Training (first year apprentices).   Each of these positions are hired annually by the VLSC Board.   The assistant coach(es) through the coaches in training reports and work directly for the head coach.    At the completion of the season, feedback will be provided to each of the coaches, as well as a stipend for their support.  Selection of Assistant, High School, and Coaches in Training will be based upon application and an interview.   Interview committee will consist of at least two board members and the Head Coach as the subject matter expert.   A -re-arranged date will be sent to those accepted applicants.  

Victory Lake Swim Team values all of our coaches, and part of our metrics of success is in the development of our returning coaches.    VLSC uses a tiered approach to develop rising freshmen through graduating Seniors as a means to develop both the individual as well as having swimming mentors for all age groups.  Stipends gradually go up with each year of experience and responsibility.  Our coaches in training will be supporting both the Guppies (Development Program) as well as the competitive summer swim team.   These positions are generally in water support during Guppy and 8 Under Practices.   

 Minimum Qualifications:  

To be considered for a coaching position, you must be a rising 9th grader or older and have summer swim, swim club, or high school swim experience.  Applicants who are 15 or older, are highly encouraged to have  Lifeguard Certification.  Due to the number of returning coaches, first year coaches are encouraged to start as coaches in training, and grow with the program.


Expectations of VLSC Coaches:

Every coach should expect and be prepared to coach in the water at every practice.  Treat all swimmers equally.  Build self-esteem in each swimmer using encouragement and praise.   Maintain a high level of sportsmanship at all times to promote team spirit.   Active participant in every required practice, meet, and team event.  Maintain open communication with other VLSC coaches, VLSC board members, and parents.

Teaching Skills:  Be sensitive to the needs of all swimmers; Emphasize fundamentals of proper stroke and turn techniques; Demonstrate drills and/or proper stroke techniques with in-water presentation (when appropriate); Provide constructive feedback to all swimmers.  Works well with developing swimmers between the ages with the majority of their efforts in the 4-10 years olds.  

Daily expectations:  Arrive early and prepared to begin practice on time; Assist with setup of pool area, for practice; Assist with breakdown and clean-up of pool area following practices; Attend all practices, meets, and team event in accordance with position;  Follow the guidance of the Head Coach and Age Group Coaches to provide consistent coaching philosophy; Be familiar with, and prepared to implement, workouts, drills, etc. as provided by the Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or designated  Age Group Coaches in keeping swimmers actively in productive activity.




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