Victory Lakes Piranhas Pool Deck Plan for Home Meets

Click here for a full page pdf of the above layout

Due to the size of our team as well the size of our competitor’s teams, we will continue to use the deck set up as pictured and described, beginning with Time Trials

The following guidelines for set-up are in effect:

-There will be NO PERSONAL TENTS on deck.  ALL PERSONAL tents need to be set up on the lawn area.  Please view the Google map image above for each team's designated area.  Tents may be set up on Friday night once the complex is closed on a first come, first served basis.  NOTE:  This is at your own risk as there is no security on the grounds overnight.  Neither the Victory Lakes Piranhas nor the Victory Lakes Community will be responsible for any loss or damage of items left unattended.

-There will be AGE GROUP TEAM TENTS for the Piranhas on deck along the fence near Clerk of Course for all ages.  The older swimmers are encouraged to use these tents as their home base.  Younger swimmers and their parents are also encouraged to use the team tents.

-Personal chairs may be set up on the upper deck as long as it is not in the flow of traffic (areas will continue to be marked off with yellow tape).

-There will be several tables & umbrellas set-up near concessions to allow families to take a break and enjoy concessions items.  These are not meant as family/team tables to be used for the duration of a meet.