This year Gretchen Snyder is the volunteer coordinator, her email address is [email protected]  .This sport requires parents to be participants as well as spectators.  It takes up to 100 volunteers to run a swim meet!  The team's success is directly dependent on the commitment of its members.  We understand that some families have extenuating circumstances that make volunteering difficult (e.g. spousal military deployments, single parents, etc.), however, there is a job for everyone. Not all volunteer opportunities need be done at meets.  Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if there is a need to make special arrangements.  NOTE:  Failure to volunteer could result in your child being pulled from future meets.  

The team has a Volunteer Coordinator, who is responsible for scheduling volunteers for all meets (home and away) as well as events such as the Memorial Day Bash at the Victory Lakes Pool.  It is important that each family volunteer complete the online form to share their preferences, so that the best match can be made for all positions. While preferences will be taken into consideration, they cannot be guaranteed for every meet due to the large number of volunteers required. 

Most volunteer positions are divided into shifts that last approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours.  If you are not a poolside volunteer, there is some flexibility in these positions so that you can take a quick break to see your child(ren) swim.

The majority of swim meet positions can be taught in a few minutes, but others (e.g. Officials, Scorers and Head Clerks of Course) require more training.  Attendance at clinics, then plenty of on-the-job training will prepare you for these special jobs.

Click here for volunteer position descriptions