Clinic 6/12

Head Coach VOSD
Jun 9, 2019

Good evening Sea Devil families!

What a fantastic Time Trials we had this past weekend! The coaching staff loved seeing all of the swimmers and families who came out ready to swim. This week we start our morning practices on Wednesday morning, June 12th, and will continue these morning practices Monday-Friday until the end of the season. With the start of morning practices comes our first clinic!

This week's clinic: Turns! Each age group will spend the majority of the practice focusing on turns, with the exception of the 8&unders who will focus on Starts. Coaches will review turns for multiple strokes, as well as go over what makes our turns fast and great! As stated in the parent meetings, these clinics will allow the coaching staff to designate a specific time each week to work on a specific skill or stroke. We hope to see you at our first practice on Wednesday morning!