Urbana Meet Results

Head Coach VOSD
Jun 29, 2019

Sea Devil Families!

Final Score of the Meet: VOSD-2869  UST-1540

Such a fun meet we had today! Even though it was a hot one I loved seeing everyone's energy and excitement for swimming and for our Sea Devils. My favorite part of the meet was DEFINITELY seeing the large amounts of our swimmers who took the time to showcase their sportsmanship by staying in the water until everyone was done, shaking hands, and being so encouraging of Sea Devil and Urbana swimmers. Such a cool thing to watch as a coach, and I couldnt be more proud!

***Reminder: This coming week's schedule is different with it being the week of the Fourth of July. We will be having normal practice Monday-Wednesday morning, having our Fourth of July Eve party on Wednesday night, no practice Thursday or Friday. That being said entry requests have to be in by Tuesday night or they will not be taken into consideration. Swimmers also will need to be declared for the meet by Tuesday night or they will not be entered in relays. We are moving this up a day earlier this week to ensure that relay boards will be posted, and entries will be communicated with the 2 days off of practice before our meet Saturday. 

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to email me. Have a great weekend and see you Monday!