Parking for Home Meet

Brandi Zimmer
Jul 10, 2019

Good Evening Sea Devils! We have important changes to our parking for the next 2 home meets. PLEASE DO NOT PARK in the parking lot across Virginia Oaks Drive. That parking lot is for the businesses only and if swim families park there they will not have enough room for thier patients to park. Parking locations are as follows:

Parking is available on the street on Virginia Oaks Drive, pool side of street, and Royal Sydney Drive.  Please do not park on both sides of Virginia Oaks or Vinewood.  Also, please avoid blocking curb areas, areas marked in yellow, or any area in front of a curbside mailbox.  Please let us know if any handicap spaces are needed. 

The parking information can also be found on our Team Uniify site at:

Thank you for your understanding.

See you on the pool deck!