VOSD Pictures on Team Unify

Brandi Zimmer

Good Morning Sea Devils! I hope you all have had a relaxing and enjoyable end to the summer! I promise you will not continue to hear from me throughout the school year I just have a few things to share. 

First of all, check us out in the August addition of the Lake Manassas Magazine. See some fun pictures and some fun facts about our seaason. 

Second, have you wondered where all the pictures that were take througout the season are posted? Go to Team Unify, click on the photos tab at the top of the screen. it will take you to the shutterfly link with all the pictures from the 2019 season! 


Finally, we know that some of you were unable to make the end of the season party and have not collected your final meet ribbons. We are working on setting up a location for you to pick them up. 

Have a wonderful school year! 

More photos: