During the 2020 summer swim season, the Virginia Oaks Sea Devils will be competing in the BLACK Division.  Please see below for links to all the PWSL Swim Team websites.  

 PWSL 2020 Divisions




Other helpful Links for our League

Link to Washington Post:  www.reachforthewall.com

Link for Inside NOVA by the News & Messenger:  www.insidenova.com/list/sports-local

Link to PWSL teams interactive pages:   http://wiki.reachforthewall.com/Summer_Pools/Prince_William_Swim_League

Link to Prince William Swim League Home page: http://www.pwswim.com

Link to interactive real-time PWSL meet results page: http://www.pwswimmeets.com

Link to Potomac Valley Swimming: http://www.pvswim.org

Link to USA Swimming: http://usaswimming.org