How do I score when volunteering at a meet?

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How are Prince William Swim League meets scored?

Individual Events: 12 swimmers can earn points in each event. This starts with 13 points for 1st place, 11 points for 2nd place and on down to the 12 swimmer.  Each team can only earn 6 places of points in each event.  For an example of this  look at this week’s meet results.  Our 1st 6 swimmers received points, then our 7th & 8th swimmers were skipped over with the other team's swimmers getting the remaining points. This scoring method tends to be an advantage to larger teams and teams with more swimmers in any particular age group.  
Relay Events: The 1st place team earns 47 points and the 2nd place team earns 32 points.  Each team can only earn one place of points.  This makes our “B” and “C” relay teams very important.  They can pick up points for the team if our “A” team disqualifies.  When all of a team’s relays DQ it results in 47 unanswered points.
How are ribbons awarded?
Prince William Swim League: At each regular meet the league awards ribbons to the first 12 places in individual events and the first 3 places in relay events.  These are printed, labeled and sorted at the meet thanks to our hard working ribbon volunteers.
The league also awards ribbons to the first 12 six year old & younger swimmers in Freestyle and Backstroke.  This is done at the meet by temporarily eliminating all the 7 & 8 year old swimmers in the events.   
What are Participation Ribbons?
Every child who participated, but who did not earn a placement ribbon in one or more the individual events he or she entered, receives a "Winning is Seeing Improvement in Yourself" ribbon.  On the back of the ribbon is a sticker with the child's time for each individual event in which he or she did not place among the top 12.  If the child was disqualified in the event, the sticker will have NT posted next to the participants time.  
What Does PWA or PWB Mean?
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