IMPORTANT!! Volunteer information:

All families with swimmers on the competitive team are required to volunteer at the swim meets.  VOSD cannot have a successful season without our amazing parent volunteers!   We also welcome developmental families to serve as volunteers on the board or at meets.  Information on all Board and Officials positions can be found below, along with Board Chair positions and meet vounteer positions.  

Officials Volunteer Positions – Note:  Officials training will be offered virtually this year.  Dates to follow.  Being an official is a great way to ensure that you will have a front row seat on the pool deck for every race!


Starter (1)

The Starter is the person that starts the heats during the meet. They will use the starting system provided by the league. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

Head Referee (1)

The Referee is an official who enforces the rules during the meet. Referees must have at least 2-3 years experience as a Stroke and Turn Judge. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.

Stroke and Turn (4)

The Stroke and Turn Judges are responsible for ensuring that swimmers comply with the rules relating to each stroke and turn. This position requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials through the Prince William Swim League.  Dates of training TBC.

Scorers (2 – Head and Assistant)

The Scorers receive the time cards from the runners, determine the official time, and score the meet. They work closely with the Computer Operator.

Computers (2 – Head and Assistant)

The Computer Operator is responsible for electronic meet entries prior to the swim meet and data entry of meet results at the meet. During the week prior to each swim meet, the Computer Operator must get all meet entries entered into the computer and print event cards for the Clerk of Course. The Computer Operator needs a volunteer or two on the day of the meet to help enter and validate event results.

VOSD Board of Directors


Voting Members:


President: President assures all aspects of the team operations are covered by appropriate board members or individuals and monitors the various activities throughout the year.

  • The Team President presides at all board meetings; acts as meet director during swim meets along with Officials.
  • Conducts and assists with other board members for the process of hiring, management of coaches and end of the season exit interviews.
  • He/she also serves as the principal spokesperson for the Virginia Oaks Sea Devils to coordinate and communicate team affairs with the Virginia Oaks HOA Board.
  • He/She will also execute and ensure adherence of Virginia Oaks HOA contract with the team.
  • Financial oversight working directly with Treasurer and other board members to maintain and manage team.
  • General Management and oversight of the team which can include but not limited to scheduling meetings, agenda creation and the running of board meetings, setup or assisting with setup of team website including calendar, records, security access, registration, team suit selections, ordering and scheduling vendor event for team suit.
  • Update team files in VOSD computer system, swim meet management.
  • Position Requirement: Current or previous board member, swim team/ swim meet knowledge, computer savvy.


Vice Presidents (2): The Vice President is shall preside in the absence of the President, shall perform such other duties as may be delegated by the President.

  • Vice President will help with all aspects of the team and running meets.
  • VOSD typically has 2 VPs, both voting members, and both typically play an additional Board Chair position such as Fundraising / Merchandise, Events/Spirit Coordinator, or Registration.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of all things financial with the swim team. They will ensure money earned via registration, team store, concessions, and sponsorships. Treasurer will also be responsible for managing any team purchases needed.


Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for recording the board meeting minutes and scheduling of team pictures.

Board Chair Positions

(attend meetings but are non-voting members, some may be dual roles of Board Directors)


Registration:  Role responsibilities include ensuring status of swimmers active or inactive based on registration and payment, emailing notifications to team members and parents during registration and swim season, setting up the online registration forms, and organizing registration events/advertising:    

  • First point of contact for help with registration processes.
  • Responsible for creating and managing list of families registered along with payments


Computer Manager: The Computer Manager oversees all swim team computer systems used to manage the team and run swim meets.

  • Setup or assist with setup in system for all team events.
  • Coordinates with coaches regarding meet entries, rsvp’s and closing of system for event.
  • Communicates with other teams for meet merge process of each team’s entries.
  • This will include emailing host teams appropriate meet entries for away meets, construct meet events and entries for all meets hosted by Virginia Oaks Sea Devils.
  • Generate heat sheets and posting to website or emailing visiting team.
  • Oversees meet computer and results entry system during home meets.
  • Tasks include: emailing other teams for entries, importing and exporting meet entries, setting up computer during meets, validating and emailing final meet results, troubleshooting computer issues, and printing all meet documents (i.e. timer sheets, relay sheets, results).
  • Also serves as the main contact for the VOSD Help Desk.

Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the volunteer program.

  • Creates, manages and updates required volunteer job position templates in the system. Assigns appropriate volunteer template to each event in system.
  • Responsible for setup and closure of dates for volunteer jobs on each specific events. Ensure templates are open to team
  • Identifies volunteer positions, recruits and organizes volunteers for all events, swim meets and season long positions.
  • Tasks include identifying and securing volunteers for roles, ensuring adequate volunteer coverage at all events and swim meets, assists with supervising and possibly training volunteers for roles during events and swim meets, identifying volunteers for end of year awards and tracking volunteer shift totals.

Awards/Ribbons Coordinator: The Awards/Ribbons Coordinator orders, assembles, and organizes swimmer and volunteer awards, including meet ribbons, goodie bags, trophies, etc.  The ribbon writer places the labels with each swimmer's name on the ribbons after the event.  They also hand out heat ribbons to the heat winners during the meet.


Event/Spirit Coordinator: The Event Coordinator coordinates and supervises all events throughout the season including: Spirit Nights, Pancake Breakfasts, Banquet Dinner, etc. Tasks include planning and reserving event locations, and tracking RSVP's for events.


Head of Concessions: Head of Concessions serves during events, or ensures this position is covered. Tasks include running of concessions, ordering and purchasing food and supplies, helping set up and take down concessions equipment.


Merchandise Coordinator: The Merchandise Coorindator organizes all aspects of team merchandise, including the design, selection, ordering and distribution of all team apparel, caps and swim suits and updates the team website with merchandise offerings.


Fundraising Coordinator: The Fundraising Coordinator will need to be involved as early as January to begin planning. Promote fundraiser through flyers, posters around the pool, emails to families. Contact possible sponsors and coordinate and setup sponsorship and advertising. Responsible for ordering sponsor banners, pictures, etc.


Website/Communications Manager: The Website/Communications Manager is responsible for creating and updating the website with current events and information. Sends out information via website communications (email), Facebook, and/or flyers to families & coaching staff regarding events. Possible to combine with Secretary role.


League Representative: This person attends all Prince William Swim League Board Meetings which are held once every 2-3 months in the fall/winter and once a month during the spring leading up to the season.  It is important that every team is represented at the meetings, as membership in the league is not guaranteed.  During the meetings the league rep would be expected to vote on things like approving schedules, fee changes, occasional rule changes, etc, share updates on league functions such as officials training clinics back to VOSD board, take general notes and share back to the VOSD board, pick up ribbons and rule books once a year at season start.


*Clerk of Course: The Clerk is responsible for all of the paperwork at the meet prior to the swimmer's event. The Clerk seeds each swimmer in each event to a heat and lane according to their submitted entry time. Swimmers report to the clerk prior to their scheduled event to receive a time card with their heat and lane assignment for that event. The Clerk is always in need of volunteers to help hand out event cards, get swimmers in their proper order, and walk young swimmers to their assigned lane at the start of their event. Clerk of Course requires training at the League Certification Clinic for Officials. Assistants do not require training.


Non-Board / Board Chair Volunteer positions:

Timer/Recorder - The timers clock the swimmers during the heats.  The only knowledge that is required is the working of a stop watch.  The head timer will provide training if needed.  The most important single statistic at a swim meet is the time that a swimmer achieves during the race.  The recorder records the swimmer's time (as reported by the timers) on the card at the completion of the race.  The recorder also ensures that the right swimmer is in the correct heat and lane before the start of the race.

Scorer:  The Scorers receive the time cards from the runners, determine the official time, and score the meet.  They work closely with the computer operator.

Runner:  The runner collects the time cards from the recorders and delivers them to the scorers after each heat.

Announcer:  The announcer calls the swimmers to the Clerk of Course area and provides periodic scoring updates and other required announcements.