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Welcome to SC Swim Lessons!

August 2018 - July 2019 Swim Year Registration

Dear SC Swim Lesson Families:

I would like to thank you for registering with SC Swim Lessons. We are excited to have you on the team!

Our Mission: We are operating with and athlete centered focus to help people achieve their goals. This includes Elite level instruction/Competition and education to children and athletes of all ages, gender, and ethnicity.  We will be positive change agents in our local community and branch to other areas when opportunities arise.

Simply put, we do what is in the best interest of your child and work to improve the community.  Welcome to the SC Swim Lessons Family. 


Lucas Salles-Cunha

Building the Swimming Foundation for Your Child and Swimming in the Community

We believe that swimming success starts with a strong foundation.  That is why we take pride in offering a progression based program from beginning swim lessons to preparation for swim team. We also understand that having a water-safe child is vital to living near the Monterey Bay, which is why we offer swim lessons to make your child feel more confident in the water. Swimming is a lifelong sport practiced at any age.

SC Swim Lessons Level 1

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SC Swim Lessons Level 2

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SC Swim Lessons Level 3

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SC Swim Lessons Level 4

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SC Swim Lessons Level 5

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SC Swim Lessons Level 6

In our level 6 the swimmer should already know how to do freestyle and backstroke in a 25yd pool. This group is our pre-stroke development group.They will be working on, flip turns, dives, breastroke and butterfly. Most importantly they will be working on endurance while swimming.

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