The Costs of Swimming

Swimming can be an expensive sport, but we try to keep the costs down as much as possible. Most of the costs are up-front - so you don't need to worry about monthly fees or other costs popping up throughout the season.

Many of the items we offer to team members are optional - but we do recommend you at least have a decent practice suit (boys: nothing too baggy; girls: a one piece that crosses in the back) and a pair of googles (plan to pay at least $10). Other than that, it's up to you.

The Flying Fish is proud to be one of the most wallet-friendly teams in the River City Swim League - and with almost three whole months of daily swim instruction - it's a bargain that can't be beat!



Item Cost How to Purchase
Registration $190 for first swimmer Online
  $170 for second swimmer  
  $150 each additional swimmer  
Team Suit (optional)

Girls: Speedo Endurance Flyback (navy/blue) - $58 [will include logo on chest]

Boys: Solid Endurance Jammer (navy) - $44 [will include logo on leg]

Speedo Endurance+ Flyback Training Suit - Navy Series – Aquatic Outfitters  of OhioSpeedo Solid Endurance+Jammer | BSN SPORTS

Note: we have a small selection of our former pink/black girls suits available for purchase.


Sizing Guide:


Online during registration

Onsite, while supplies last


Team T-Shirts (Optional) A variety of styles/colors/logos - $15

Online during registration

Onsite, while supplies last

Team Caps (Optional)

Silicone logo cap - $15

Personalized (last name only) - $3 per cap, 2 cap minimum

Online, during registration

Onsite, while supplies last

Items purchased during registration can be picked up at the pool. Emails will be sent out to let you know when items arrive.

Questions about merchandise? Please click here.