Does my child need to know how to swim?

In order to sign up for swim team, a child must be able to swim half a lap of the pool, and a full lap unassisted in order to participate in meets. If your child is not able to swim that far, please consider swim lessons this year and join us next year. There are a lot of area options for swim lessons. Send us an email if you need some direction!

Why do we have two different pools?

Traditionally, the Flying Fish have been at Ft. Caroline Club. However, some years ago, because of neighborhood concerns about the parking situation, our meets were moved to Terry Parker, per the City of Jacksonville. Our early season practices are at Parker because there are more lanes, shallower water (better for beginning swimmers), and better parking. We can’t remain at Parker through the entire summer, however, because once the pools open for the summer, they have their own team that practices there.

Where does our money go?

Swimmer fees, concessions and merchandise revenue, and other fund-raising proceeds go towards league registration fees, pool rental, coaches’ salaries, insurance, equipment, supplies & materials, Championship tent rental, and corporation & other fees. We are a non-profit organization and receive no financial assistance from the City of Jacksonville or the River City Swim League.

Where do we get team merchandise?

We sell team t-shirts, caps, hats, etc. at registration events, at the pool the first few weeks of the season, and at the Concession tent at our home meets. Or, you can just ask one of the coaches, and he or she will get you what you need. Team suits are available during online registration or at practices until we sell out.

Why aren’t the coaches in the water?

Coaches will always be in the water for younger and more inexperienced swimmers. However, with older and more independent groups, it is more beneficial for coaches to be out of the water than in the water. Behavior management is more effective with an on-deck coach, and the coach can see all the swimmers, not just a select few in his vicinity. It can be a safety concern if a coach has a big group and is NOT watching from the pool deck. Instruction is also more effective from an on-deck coach as all swimmers in his group can see and hear him. We do have periodic stroke clinics where coaches will be in the water for all groups, and we offer private instruction as well.

How will my child find out if he was DQed (disqualified) in a race?

DQs are listed in the results for a meet. Please do NOT ask any of the officials or anyone in the score room during a meet about DQs.Coaches will let swimmers know at the practice following each meet if they were DQed and will discuss the reason for the DQ. Parents may also look up the DQ list in the RESULTS book at the pool (located on the team table near the guard room).

Do you offer private instruction?

Most of our coaching staff is more than willing to teach private lessons for anyone, ages 2 to adult. Just ask, and we’ll find someone that fits your schedule.

Do you have a program for adults?

Any adult is welcome to swim with our Senior groups at practices, as long as space permits. We also offer private and semi-private (2-4 students) lessons for adults.

What is the weather policy?

Practices will be held as scheduled unless: 1) there is lightning within a 6 mile radius; 2) the temperature is below 70 degrees; 3) other various conditions including, but not limited to, smoke, hail, tornado watches/warnings, tropical storms/hurricanes, issues with the pool. Cancellations are at the discretion of the coaching staff. Practice will not be cancelled until 30 minutes prior to a scheduled session. A text message will go out to anyone who has a valid phone number in their online account. Signs may also be posted at the pool. You can call the Parker pool at 723-6144 or the Ft. Caroline pool at 744-5612.

Where do I park and sit during swim meets??

It varies depending on the location. With Covid most teams will not allow you on the pool deck. For our home meets. (At Parker) You can park in the parking lot or the grass lot by baseball field at Parker. I would suggest bringing a few towels, chairs, and a shade tent for you to tailgate under during the meet. Light concessions will be availble. You can look for directions to each pool on our schedule page.

How are relays chosen?

It depends on several things: which coach is doing the relays, what part of the season we're in, and if it's a free or medley relay. Usually, earlier on and with medley relays, there is more coach decision-making. For free relays and later in the season, we often let the computer choose the relays based on best times. Medley relays require a little more thought - and the fastest swimmer in a stroke doesn't always do that stroke because it might make more sense for them to do another. We also use dual meet relays to try out new strokes for swimmers sometimes. We encourage you to not worry too much about dual meet relays - they're all over the place all the time!