Each Flying Fish family is required to volunteer three times during the regular season. There are a variety of options available. Sign up by logging into your online account and going to the calendar page.

Remember - we can't do this without you (and your kids love to see you participating!!


Times races with a stopwatch; records time on swimmer’s card; must be able to stand for 2 hours


Collects cards from the swimmers and takes them to the timers; takes cards from the timers to the scoreroom –it’s called “runner” for a reason – you’ll get some exercise, for sure!

Clerk of the Course

Calls swimmers to get their cards; orchestrates “staging area” for swimmers before their events; gets swimmers to the blocks; may be asked to make announcements over the PA


Calls the meet on the PA system; starts each race; makes announcements -- home meets only

Score room

Enters results into the computer system; posts results; acts as a bouncer for the score room; organizes awards -- home meets only


Takes home the ribbons at the end of the meet; organizes them and files them in swimmer folders


Sells/prepares items at the concession tent – home meets only