Jones Valley Recreation Association


JVRA is a members only organization. Joing JVRA requires a  $250 one time new member fee. Annual dues are below:

Family Membership Registration

Dues are $550 annually and are due by Aoril 30th of each summer. 

Single/Double Registration: Couples or Singles 18 & over

Dues are $375 annually and are due by April 30th of each summer.

Corporate Sponsorship:  $250 - advertise your company with your logo on prominent display at the pool and on our website for the 2020 season (Memorial Day through Labor Day). This money will go towards much needed items for the pool and is a great way to advertise your business! The deadline for submission is May 1. You do not have to be a member to be a corporate sponsor, HOWEVER, this year you can combine your company sponsorship and your membership dues and write one check from your business.