Rat Pack

The REST Rat Pack program aims to promote leadership, sportsmanship, spirit and introduce coaching skills to swimmers age 13+. It is the perfect way for older swimmers to experience the life of a coach and a great stepping stone to becoming a future coach.

Rat Pack members will focus on leading team in spirit and sportsmanship. The REST Head and Assistant Coaches will lead and train participants.

Basic Requirements

  • 13+
  • Able to help out approximately three days per week at 6U and Polliwog practices from approximately 11:15am - 12:30pm
  • Assist younger swimmers at meets and help with relay-send offs as requested by coaching staff
  • Cheer on fellow swimmers at swim meets and act as the spirit squad for the team

Application Process

Please keep in mind that this is a selective process. Those interested are required to fill out an application and, in some cases, be available for an interview with the coaching staff. It is our goal to take as many qualified applicants as possible.

Click here for the application

Submit all applications to the Coach Liaisons - [email protected]

Have questions or want to apply? Contact REST Coach Liaisons, J.C. and Jill Mathieson, at [email protected]