We are located at 970 Palmer Road in Walnut Creek. Our pool is a part of the Rudgear Estates Homeowners Association. We may be biased but we think we have the best pool in the Conference. Ease of parking, huge pool deck, newly remodeled bathrooms with a separate large family bathroom, spacious grassy area, 6 lanes of swimming space with a separate deep end (important for little ones so they can stand on either end of the swim lane).


You do not have to be a homeowner in the Rudgear Estates Homeowners Association to join the swim team, but if you are not, there is a Splash Fee that will be added to your registration fees. Non-homeowner team members only have access to the pool during their set practice time and during meets ONLY. If you would like to purchase a summertime membership to the pool so you can enjoy the pool all summer, please visit the pool’s website at http://www.rudgearestateshoa.org/our_pool.html