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Flash Sale: Rudgear Vibes T-Shirt and Sweatshirt

Rudgear Vibes are the BEST VIBES. Grab our newest t-shirt/sweatshirt design before the sale is over! Orders close this Sunday, March 26. This order...

By Rudgear President

Friday is GO GREEN DAY!

March 17th isn't only Saint Patrick's Day... it's also GO GREEN DAY! Protect yourself from pinches and show everyone that you're lucky to be...

By Rudgear President

Time to Order Suits and Caps

It’s time to order team suits and caps. We are working with Elsmore this year and we are confident that we will actually receive...

By Rudgear President

Spring Clinic - New Group Added!

Rain or shine (or snow!), Spring Clinic starts next week over at the Rudgear Meadows pool! If you haven't registered yet, we do still...

By Rudgear President

Rat Pack - Apply Today!

It’s time to submit your application to join everyone’s favorite pack: the RAT PACK! Rat Packers help our younger RATS during practice and meets...

By Rudgear President

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