A swim team is made up more than just the swimmers. Unsurprisingly, it is the parents that keep a swim team running. It takes between 20 & 45 volunteers to put on a dual swim meet. The number of jobs a family has to complete is dependent on our registration numbers each year.

We have two categories of jobs parents need to sign up for – meet jobs and team jobs. As the name suggests, a meet job is one performed at a meet. Once the meet is over, the job is done. A team job is slightly more involved. You might coordinate a pasta feed or be a photographer. These team jobs cover everything we do throughout the season not specific to a particular meet.

For info on meet jobs, click here

For info on team jobs, click here

Our online jobs sign ups will be open for registration May 5th. This year, families will be required to sign up for (x) meet jobs and 1 team job. Before you register, please review our jobs rules here.

If you have questions about jobs or jobs sign ups, please contact our Jobs Coordinators, Gene and Lisa Wright at [email protected]